Kingfunks4 & Buddy Retire From Water Vikings; New Leaders Promoted

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Earlier today, the Water Vikings held a retirement event for two of their legendary leaders, Kingfunks4 and Buddy. Aside from the two leaders’ departure, Water Vikings have chosen to promote two new leaders!

Kingfunks4 is known to be one of the greatest leaders and is even a member of the Hall of Fame with the title of “Army Legend.”  KingFunks is recognized for all of his accomplishments in the years 2013 and 2015. In 2013, Funks merged his army, the Federation, into the Water Vikings. This was known as the catalyst for the Blue Summer of 2013. The army did such an outstanding job that the Water Vikings ended up reaching 2nd place in the Top Ten. Then in 2015, although he retired, he still helped the army and made sure they remained successful.

Buddy joined the Water Vikings in August 2014. In the year of 2014, Buddy merged his previous army, Air Force, into the Water Vikings. When he joined, the Water Vikings gave him the rank of Second-in-Command. Due to this merge, thanks to Buddy, there was an impactful increase in size. Water Vikings became a top-tier army mostly due to the merge. Buddy helped Water Vikings in the years 2014 till 2016 and for the last time, 2020. Buddy will forever be known as a strong leader. He has also always made sure troops are doing their job properly and made sure everything went smoothly between the Water Vikings and other armies.

WV 3

WV under Funks and Buddy in 2015

Water Viking’s farewell event for Funks and Buddy was held today on the server Zipline. They managed to max 70+ troops!

Picture of WV at their retirement event

As the army said goodbye to Kingfunks and Buddy, they also welcomed two new leaders to the team. The new leaders go by the name of Manu and Cliff.  We luckily managed to get an exclusive interview with one of the new leaders, Cliff.

How do you feel about your promotion? Are you excited to lead Water Vikings?

It’s been a good feeling. I’ve wanted to lead with Funks and lead again with Buddy for a long time now. I’m glad to be a successor to them.

What made you join WV? Did you have any aspirations going into it and how have these been affected by the promotion?

I joined WV as my leave from IW from some problems. IW and I fixed those problems now which I’m thankful for. WV was the one I aspired to join mainly to lead with Buddy again as we led the diamond age of marines in March and April. He was the one that offered me 2ic / Shadow Leader at WV. The promotion wasn’t as much of a surprise as I was let into the leadership server almost a month ago.

What’s your main goal now that you’re a leader?

My main goal as WV Leader is to be a great leader and to make tons more friends on the way. My side goals are to get WV in the top 5 (Which we can get if we max 40 twice and our next 2 events) and to become a WV Greatest Leader (Basically WV Legend). Today’s event of Funks and Buddy’s retirement that Manu and I officially got promoted which was a 70 max which was amazing!

How do you think the Water Vikings will look in the future and how do you plan to increase the size of the army?

We have some plans event wise and recruitment wise to increase sizes. I think the future of WV could result in another Blue Summer if we play our cards right.

Overall, Kingfunks and Buddy impacted Water Vikings in many positive ways. These two will forever remain as legends and two of the greatest leaders to lead the Water Viking’s army. With their hard work and teamwork, Water Vikings are now at a good place and will be left in good hands. Manu and Cliff are very trustworthy new leaders and only want the best for the Water Vikings. It’s clear that in the interview Cliff has wonderful goals set for the future of the army. Hopefully, we will all see the growth for the Water Vikings and both of the new leaders.

What do YOU think will happen with the Water Vikings in the future? Will they continue being successful without Buddy and Kingfunks by their side?  


CP Army Hub Reporter 


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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