Lime Green Army Cuts Ties With Small-Medium Army Alliance

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Empire In a shocking turn of events, the Lime Green Army, a notable player in the Small-Medium Army scene, pulled out of the Small-Medium Army Alliance, citing unrealistic terms and lackluster moderation.

The Lime Green Army is a notable player in the small-medium army scene. After a newsworthy week of Beach Brawl wins, welcoming back legendary leaders, and placing on the major army Top Ten, they most recently decided to leave the Small-Medium Army Alliance.

Leaders of the top small-medium armies formed the Small-Medium Army Alliance (SMAA) to prevent larger armies from bullying small/medium armies. One term of the alliance is that any armies that wish to enter the SMAA must not ally with any armies outside of the SMAA.

The Lime Green Army made its decision to withdraw from the Small-Medium Army Alliance public yesterday. They cited issues such as disorganization, little enforcement of terms, and not enough communication, as shown in the screenshot below as well as in their post about the subject.

CP Army Hub was able to get a quick interview with DMT, Lime Green Army leader, to discuss the Lime Green Army’s withdrawal from the Small-Medium Army Alliance.

Why did you pull out of the Small-Medium Army Alliance?

We don’t want to put anyone down when discussing why we parted ways. We just didn’t fit well with how the leadership of SMAA was running the alliance.

How do you think this will impact the LGA?

I’m worried about our land security but I have confidence in our troops that we will stand against the tide if need be.

Do you think other armies will follow suit?

It depends. Some armies have a complacent attitude, whereas others are scared (which is absolutely understandable). This was not an organized walk out of SMAA. It was just a decision we thought was best for our own army.

What do YOU think? Will the Lime Green Army be successful in their future endeavours without the Small-Medium Army Alliance? Will this be successful, or will it hurt them? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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  1. SMAA didnt really do much tbh.


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