Otter Leaves Redemption Force For Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY,  Templars Empire – In a surprising turn of events, Otter has left the Redemption Force leadership for the Templars.

Otter has been a notable figure in the community, beginning her journey back in January as a staff member in the Tree Cult. From here, she moved to the Redemption Force where she achieved the rank of leader. After the closure of Redemption Force, however, she chose to serve the Ice Warriors as a third-in-command. At the point when she caught wind of Redemption returning, she immediately moved to her most beloved army as a leader without taking a second thought.

Otter’s reasons for departing include the staff team’s lack of effort and “toxicity from creator Reacon”. Reacon counters this claim and states: “The real reason Otter left RF is because she was upset that she didn’t have as much control in the army as she wanted to.

The Redemption Force’s opening event.

The CP Army Hub team was able to speak exclusively with Otter, quizzing her on the recent change of armies and her plans for the Templars.

Why did you decide to leave the Redemption Force and join Templars?

Originally my plan wasn’t to join Templars, I mainly left RF because of some older issues with the other leaders that’d been coming back. I’ve said it before but every leader brings something new to each army, and I know I’ll be able to make some good changes to TCP, plus I love the community there already (never gets boring haha)

What plans do you have for the future in Templars’ for yourself and the army?

I can’t share them, you’ll have to wait and see 😉

What made you decide that Templars was the place to go?

At first I wasn’t sure, but after talking with Xing and learning more about the army and what I’d be doing, there’s no way I could’ve just walked away from it. Templars are going places and I’m so hyped to start being apart of it. I’ll be giving them everything I have.

Otter joins the Templars during their war with the Recon Federation, and just days after they lost their server Yukon in the first battle of the war. Will she be able to turn the war around for the Templars?

What do YOU think? Will this leadership addition help Templars rise? How will the Redemption Force react? Let us know down in the comment section.


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CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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