Beach Brawl: Round Two Predictions

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — As we move into the second round of the tournament, the final eight armies will battle it out for a spot in the semi-finals.

Last weekend saw the start of the highly anticipated Beach Brawl, with a whopping 16 small-medium armies taking part in the first round. Round Two will see the final eight armies go head-to-head in four intense battles (click here for the times). Who will emerge the victors? And who are the CP Army Hub editors placing bets on?

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Army of the Orient Seas vs. Lime Green Army

The Army of the Orient Seas will take on the Lime Green Army in the first round two battle. The AOS stole their round one victory with a peak size of 20 penguins, while the Limes triumphed in their matching with 19. These two sizes could give us the closest battle of the tournament so far, although the staff predictions seem to be overwhelmingly in favour of the AOS.


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Army of the Orient Seas

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Army of the Orient Seas

Max, Executive Producer: Army of the Orient Seas

Zamb, Executive Producer: Lime Green Army

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: Army of the Orient Seas

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Army of the Orient Seas

Marines vs. Pizza Federation

The Marines took home an easy victory against the Superstars in round one, maxing 16, while the Pizza Federation had a tough battle against the Fighter Pilots. Their 13 Chefs were victorious and despite the close sizes they managed a clean 3-0 win. Despite the smaller size in round one, the staff prediction is in favour of the Pizza Federation. Either way, the battle will need be an easy one.


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Pizza Federation

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Pizza Federation

Max, Executive Producer: Pizza Federation

Zamb, Executive Producer: Pizza Federation

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: Pizza Federation

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Marines

Coup Crusaders vs. The Black Order

The Coup Crusaders vs. Black Order battle has the staff predictions split. The Coup Crusaders peaked just 6 troops in round one, where as the Black Order were able to achieve a higher maximum of 11. There is no doubt this will be another close and exciting battle to spectate.


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: The Black Order

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Coup Crusaders

Max, Executive Producer: Coup Crusaders

Zamb, Executive Producer: The Black Order

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: The Black Order

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Coup Crusaders

Silver Empire vs. Templars

The Silver Empire won their round one battle against the Special Weapons and Tactics just days over, after the original conflict was postponed due to a bot raid. Their next battle is against the Templars, who crushed their round one opponent with a strong size 18. But will the Silver Empire pull a second upset?


Pookie, Chief Executive Officer: Templars

LuciferStar, Chief Executive Officer: Templars

Max, Executive Producer: Templars

Zamb, Executive Producer: Silver Empire

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: Templars

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Templars

With the round two battles taking place this weekend, there is no doubt this tournament is going to be a huge happening in the army community. But which of the staff got it right? And what do you think?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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