Behind the Lens: The Conspiracy of Cassius Brutus

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters, Boiler Room – After touching on recent history about Epic101’s rise and downfall in the CPPS era of Club Penguin armies, why not return to the topic of armies. The Army of Club Penguin may be known for being the first, but their status as an army magnate from the beginning to the end will be one that attests to its legendary status. Despite being an army known for its pacifist approach, Cassius Brutus was a significant leader who led the Army of CP from their slum period to world power. What was the legacy he left behind in the army that couped him?

Outside of Club Penguin, the name Cassius Brutus belongs to Cassius, a Roman general who conspired against famous general Julius Caesar. Both were senators of prominence, but Julius Caesar held more fame for involvement in the First Triumvirate and his growing influence over Rome. However, Cassius was involved in a plan that assassinated the dictator and sparked a civil war across Rome.

Returning back to the Club Penguin world, the Cassius Brutus that rose to fame coincidently began in the Romans. Not the original Romans, rather Gugu Penguin’s Romans. They were an army known for their role as one of CPA’s first antagonists and led by CPA Legend Gu Gu Penguin. Although not much from the generation exists, Cassius’s involvement is demonstrated on the website used, where the sidebar and the farewell post are attributed to him as a “GPR Guardian”, a title similar to legend. GPR was merged with Ganger90’s Military Warriors and became the Military of Roman Warriors. He was later shown to have some involvement with the Roman Fire Warriors, but the generation was short-lived. Another army where he shined was at the Rebel Penguin Federation, where he received leader and was a forerunner to their Roller Coaster Era. The hallmark of his career wasn’t from his Roman-inspired armies, but rather at the famed Army of Club Penguin.

Cassius Brutus was a former leader at RPF before his later leadership at ACP.

Cassius’s beginnings in the Army of Club Penguin date as far back as 2008, when the army was one of the few to exist. As color-based clans were becoming organized into armies we know today, Oagalthorp had already established a group that grew in prominence. Because of their eminence, many newly-formed armies soon targeted ACP. Some of their enemies were the Pirates, Underground Mafia Army, and their most famous one: the Nachos. Their rivalry sparked several wars where victories would alternate between both sides, and the two would continue rising as the superpowers who led the army world. Countless wars occurred, but the one where the clover defenders felt the most damage was in the fall of 2012.

Mchappy proved his previous might as the 19th leader and soon became an army legend for his accomplishments at ACP, so during his second tenure in the army, he declared a war against the Nachos. However, Mchappy went AWOL (absence without leave), and left Kingfunks4 as the temporary leader. Both of the armies’ biggest strengths was their US division, but Funks was an EU leader. Meanwhile, Nachos legend Puckley was a US leader who took advantage of his division. The war waged by two equal strengths soon became a victory for Nachonnia, as ACP surrendered. As a result of the war, four servers were given up and the army saw a fall in the Top Ten. His temporal leadership soon became permanent and he was the 25th leader of ACP. The prestigious army in his hands fell out of the Top 5 and had to put their efforts into rebuilding.

In a leaders chat between ACP, AR, and Nachos, temporary leader Kingfunks4 admits defeat.

Shortly after being appointed the leader position, Kingfunks went on vacation and was removed by ACP Legend and former leader Boomer 20. Ekpenguin9 followed him as the next leader, and the army saw itself rise from 6th to 3T on CP Army Central’s Top Ten. ACP oversaw more changes, as higher command came and went, the AUSIA (Australia and Asia) division was first developed and overseen by third-in-command Flipmoo, the establishment of divisions Alpha and Echo, and many more that led to the rise of their army. Just as the army began to stabilize, a new threat was coming their way. The Army Republic and allies UMA (Underground Mafias Army) began another costly war against the repairing Army of CP. Overseeing the army was newly instated leaders Capncook and Tori, who’ve replaced Mchappy following his third term. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to take on two major armies at once and signed a treaty. Although they’re alternated between wins and losses since their Nachos war, the brief warfare shared by the three armies was another changing point.

In this treaty, AR Leader Burr outlines that ACP surrenders gives up Southern Lights, and returns servers to the armies they’ve earned it from. Both leaders Capncook and Tori agreed to the treaty, which meant ACP lost.

Capncook announced his retirement, and Tori took a 6-week leave from leadership duties, which allowed Cassius Brutus to temporarily head the army. Later, he succeeded Capncook as the Army of Club Penguin’s 29th Leader. Similar to Funks after the Nachos war, Cassius was put in a position where he was to oversee the development of the army. In his inauguration post, which can be found here, he recognizes the achievements of his predecessor and realizes the situation ACP is put in. He proclaims,

“As I write this, ACP is 10th in the CPAC Top 10 Armies. We all know that this is not where we should be, I remember a day when ACP was ALWAYS the number 1 army. I will make this a reality once again. With the help of the other owners, we will put ACP back on top. With me as Commander in Chief, you can expect me to give my total, unreserved 100% to the army. The road ahead is going to be hard, but if we continue along it – we WILL be successful.”

Joining Cassius Brutus was Flipmoo as a temporary leader, replacing Fluffyboy3. With Flipmoo leading a promising AUSIA division and Cassius’s rule over the army, the clover defenders were set on rebuilding their might. Their spots on the Top Ten shifted from SMAC’s TT (for small-medium armies) to fourth place, to reclaiming their first place. Their army kept rising in sizes and ranks were reformed and promotions were given to those who put in the work. To expand the army’s empire, they’ve engaged in wars against other powers such as the Watex Warriors, Light Troops, Special Weapons and Tactics, and once they reached first on the Top Ten, Dark Warriors. The Dark Warriors declared war once the Top Ten was released, claiming that ACP uses five-bar servers and rogues to their advantage, which was considered an outrage by the army community at the time. Another reason the war began was on suspicions that Cassius Brutus slaves his troops by seeing them as recruiters rather than people.

Cassius, the ‘Supreme Warlord of ACP’.

The war against the Dark Warriors was disputed with no judges, as both sides refused to admit defeat. The arrogance displayed by both armies led to even more outrage and was rumored of causing DW’s leader Freezie66 to retire out of frustration. Light Troops, who were returning to the community and led by S Cargo2, Spi101, and Waterkid, intended on declaring war against ACP too for similar reasons as the Dark Warriors. If the controversy around ACP wasn’t enough, the decision to remove Tori from the leadership was what kicked the bucket.

In his post on the website where he detailed reasons for couping Tori, his main reasons had to do with her not pulling her weight at the newly risen army. He states that,

I gave Tori lifelines, she was given two ”final” chances. In which she was supposed to prove herself worthy of leading the army.  You have all noticed the performance by the U.S Division in recent weeks. It cannot be a coincidence that DW invaded us at US times. I stress that this is NOT the fault of our US troops. They perform a valiant service to the army. They bear no fault. It is due to incompetence at the highest levels of ACP.

A concerned member of the community on CPAC voiced his opinions and his fear that Cas is attempting to gain absolute power at ACP.

The post outlines more reasons regarding the coup of Tori, but the decision left him as the sole leader of ACP. The decision was as controversial as their use of five bar servers, as losing Tori ensured the loss of several other troops. Suspicions arose that Cassius Brutus was on the route to becoming a tyrant, and firing his co-leader was the beginning of his reign. Without their US leader Tori, Cassius and the other staff ensured that the loss wouldn’t affect their ongoing war with Light Troops. Allegations of multilogging fired up the heated war between the two rivals, and constant invasions prevented the conflict from ending anytime soon.

With multiple servers being under invasion, the Rebel Penguin Federation allied with Cas’s ACP to stand up to Waterkid’s Light Troops. A war over ACP’s use of a five-bar server slowly became a World War with alliances brewing on both sides. The New Dawn Alliance, which was seen earlier this generation with Doritos, ACP, Elites, and the Lime Green Army, was first formed by RPF, Doritos, and the Army of Club Penguin. On the other hand, the Nachos and Light Troops joined hands and formed the Bloodline Alliance.

One of the battles that took place between the New Dawn Alliance and the Nachos Alliance (where Fjord, their capital, fell.)

The World War that took place between the NDA and Bloodline Alliance was spearheaded by a few prominent individuals, with one being none other than Cassius Brutus. The war was equal, with the alliances having similar sizes and land alternatively being invaded. What gave the New Dawn Alliance the advantage was both Light Troops firing Spi midst the war and ACP’s AUSIA division. Flipmoo leading the AUSIA offensive didn’t give the Nachos and Light Troops the opportunity to defend as invasions occurred at times they couldn’t attend. Later, the war became the NDA vs. the Nachos as complications occurred in LT. The loss of their ally was what led to their loss, and a victory for the armies participating. Nachos chose to surrender after being threatened with full force and losing more of their pride. In their “force-treaty”, the terms were extreme and none that would’ve been seen today, but the leaders still accepted it. The original terms are shown below:

  • The Nachos hereby officially surrender to the Army of Club Penguin on the 3rd of November, 2013.

  • ACP returns all servers conquered to the Nachos, with the exception of Snow Fort, Snow Globe, Brumby, Cloudy and White House.

  • Nachos return all servers they claim to ‘own’ back to the ACP.

  • Mikester (or any other username he has) may not be Nacho Leader until the ACP think he is fit to lead Nachos. (Doing so will result in Nachos losing their entire nation to the ACP).

  • Nachos cannot step foot on a ACP server (without consent) or declare war until April 1st, 2014. Doing so will result in Nachos losing their entire nation to ACP.

  • Nachos must make a post on their website confessing their lies and false reasonings for war, and state that they lost the war. The army must know.

  • The Leader of the Army of Club Penguin will become a moderator on Nachos chat until April 1st 2014.

Because the terms were agreed on, Mikester was removed from the leadership and the Nachos experienced a devastating loss similar to ACP’s in 2012. The NDA was created to defend against the rising alliance, but the community again wondered whether it was the right decision to bully the army into the harsh conditions. Many issues surrounding Cassius and his ACP arose following the battle, and even his own higher command recognized it too. In real life and in the Club Penguin army world, Cassius Brutus was done in by a rebellion. Since Tori’s leave, the troops have seen that their leader acted on his own accord rather than consulting them. Flipmoo published a post on the ACP site about his reasons leading up to his coup. Instigating wars, performing lesser than average, acted independently when couping Tori, setting impossible standards for her to achieve and prove she can stay as leader, and others were only a few of the reasons why they’ve chosen to remove him from power. His expose post can be found here.

With the removal of Cassius Brutus from ACP, Flipmoo succeeded him and became the 30th leader of the Army of Club Penguin. In attempts to make amends with others, the Nachos treaty has been revised, unjustified bans were undone, and the army entered a state of isolation for some time. His AUSIA remained one of ACP’s strongest points and inspired other AUSIA divisions in other armies. Despite becoming the leader following the coup of Cas, Flipmoo fit in well and his CPA Legend status can attest to his abilities. Today, he serves as a member of the Panel of Guardians over at the Army of Club Penguin and oversees the current generation. Whether couping the Cassius Brutus was a good thing or not, ACP continued to move past their darkest hours and keep rising at the top. Once he was out of ACP, Cassius attempted to revive the Romans, but the generation was short-lived. Once his position at CPAC was done with, he left the army community and was never to be seen again.

Cassius Brutus may have been the leader for a few months, but his leadership made a mark on the army. Despite becoming a tyrant-like leader who was power-hungry for absolute power, he brought what the army needed in its terrible time: morale. His hostility and willingness to enter war breaks the trend seen in today’s pacifist ACP. At the end of 2013, Bluesockwa1 named Cassius Brutus as his Person of the Year. His leadership may not be ethical and one that troops would prefer today, but in the dark ages they’ve endured, he was a good fit for them. Once he got the Army of Club Penguin back to the top, Flipmoo was able to use what the staff previously built for Cassius and make ACP into the powerhouse it was till the end of CPA, and today.

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