News Digest [July 18th – July 25th]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, News Digest Desk – Welcome to the latest edition of CP Army Hub’s Weekly News Digest, where we round up the main talking points of the last seven days! This week we’ve divided the news into the following sections: retirements/rank updates, wars and battles, army openings/closings, and finally the significant news that doesn’t fall under the other categories. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Retirements/Rank Updates

Meerkat and 32op Retire From Doritos Leadership

The influential leaders both announced their retirement from the army after the drama that occurred last week. 32op simply stated that he believes the army is in good hands while Meer retired due to a personal struggle. The army is currently led by Maroon, Jester, Rah, and Vivala. Meer and 32 are positive that the current leaders will do well without them.

Alexandra Promoted to Ice Warriors Leader

Alexandra was a Leader-in-Training for a while and the leadership at IW believed she was now ready to officially become a leader. This comes after Agent 11 recently announced his retirement from the army and the community. Her promotion was announced by IW creator Iceyfeet1234 on the 23rd of July.

Megann Retires From Dark Warriors Leadership

Megann joined the community in December of last year, her first army being DW. She also joined the Ice Warriors and achieved the rank of Second-in-Command. She is also a DW legend. Megann announced her retirement due to leading taking a toll on her health and due to her getting busier with her life outside of armies. We wish Megann good luck with her real-life endeavors!

Kingfunks4 and Buddy Retire From Water Vikings; Clifford, Manu, Change Promoted

The WV legends announced their retirement after a huge retirement event in which WV achieved a size of 75. The two have led WV for a long time and are considered two of the best leaders to ever grace the army. However, they didn’t just leave. They also announced 3 new leaders. Change was a former WV leader and is also one of the greatest leaders so he will support as a veteran with his experience. Clifford and Manu have both been 2ics for a while and have been closely mentored by Buddy and Funks. We wish them all good luck leading the legendary army!

Luciferstar Retires From Elites to Focus on CP Army Hub

Luciferstar joined the community late last year starting at the Doritos. He was in a bunch of armies before he decided to revive the legendary Elites with the help of Simmonds and Mythic. The army saw a lot of success and is considered a golden age for the Elites. However, Luciferstar is a Chief Executive Officer at CP Army Hub and therefore can’t be affiliated with any army. He is still very much a part of the community but away from Elites for now.

Doctor Mine Turtle Rejoins Lime Green Army Leadership

The army legend recently announced his return to the community, appearing at the helm of the rapidly rising Lime Green Army. He has held high ranks in many armies as well as being influential in the media side of things. His return is due to having more and more free time. We wish him all the best leading LGA!

Otter Leaves Redemption Force For Templars

Otter has been in the community since January and was able to reach a high rank in Ice Warriors. She recently became a leader at the returning Redemption Force however less than a week later she decided to leave. Her reason for leaving was due to “toxicity coming from the creator, Reacon”. After speaking to the creator Xing she decided to move to the Templars. She claims to have many plans for the Templars and we’re excited to see what she’s going to do there!

Wars and Battles

Recon Federation Declares War Against Templars

With the recent return of RFCP to the community came another war. This time it was Recon Federation vs Templars. RFCP warned Templars that if they didn’t follow RFCP’s demands that war would be declared. Templars refused therefore RFCP declared war and schedule the invasion of Yukon. Only one day later the war reached a stalemate when Templars transferred their empire to Ice Warriors after RFCP won the battle for Yukon.

Battle for the Sea: Water Vikings vs Army of Orient Seas

On July 22nd, these two armies clashed oTn the server Crystal. It was set to be an intense battle since both armies are pretty close in size. However, it turned out to be more one-sided than expected with AOS picking up a 3-0 win.

Army Openings/Closings

Redemption Force Return

The legendary army has announced it’s return once again, almost 2 months after they shut down. The army had a huge opening event and managed to gather over 55 troops in attendance. However, they have already faced issues with one of their leaders, Otter, having left the army this past week.

Fire Warriors Reopen

The army has gone by many names over the years but no one can deny that they were legendary during their time. They have recently returned under a fresh new leadership and are ready to make moves in the community. They saw sizes of 11 in their recent reopening event and managed to become official on CP Army Hub. We are excited to see what FW will achieve this time around.

Back in Black: Shadow Troops Reopen

The legendary army has opened up once again for another generation this time led by Myth. They had their first event and maxed 10 which allowed them to become registered in CP Army Hub. The leadership is confident that they’ll be able to do well with ST this time around.

Other News

Doritos’ Recent Exploitation of Events

CP Army Hub Executive Producer Max released a post detailing how Doritos tried to gain more points by listing one event as three. He went into more details on how this is actually unfair even though it doesn’t break the rules. Check out the post here for more details.

Lime Green Army Cuts Ties With Small Medium Army Alliance

The army has been in headlines a lot this week, one of the reasons was due to leaving the S/M Army Alliance. They stated their reasons to be that the alliance was not organized, the communication was bad, and terms weren’t being enforced. They are worried about larger armies targeting them but are confident that they’ll be able to counter without the alliance’s help.

What do YOU think about the third edition of the News Digest? Which headline caught your eye the most? Let us know in the comment section below!


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