Special Weapons and Tactics Launch Offensive On Superstars Empire

SHOW SHOE, Special Weapons and Tactics Empire – After a long time without major movement in the Club Penguin Armies community other than participating in tournaments, an unexpected invasion of claimed land has been scheduled, which no one has expected.

Special Weapons and Tactics took arms against the Superstars and launched an invasion onto Fiesta, one of the three CP Armies servers owned by Superstars. This was unexpected and taken by surprise from most members of the CPA Community as no one expected any conflict to arise between these two armies. Ever since SWAT returned in June after a failed merge with Doritos, they have not engaged in any formal confrontation against other armies. Meanwhile, Superstars, have followed the same route and haven’t taken part in any hostility since the moment they were created.

Since the day it was released, Superstars focused on getting land in the CP Army Hub World Map, successfully invading three different servers: Cozy, Fiesta, and their capital, Sparkle. On the other hand, SWAT took over Snow Shoe as soon as the map was released and since then, they have used that server as their capital. Coolguy, one of the current leaders of SWAT, had announced their invasion of Fiesta on Saturday, July 25th, 2020. Included in the announcement was only one term, declaring that no allies would be allowed to attend the battle. However, Superstars did not agree to this term and it was decided that allies would be allowed.

Coolguy’s announcement of SWAT’s invasion

SWAT stated in their event information post that they wanted to expand their territory. Are these SWAT’s real intentions? To understand further, the CP Army Hub was able to speak exclusively with one of the current leaders of SWAT, Hiroyuki, SWAT leader to discuss why they decided to invade Fiesta.

Is there any reason you are invading Superstars’ land? Has there been recent conflict?

Yes, there is a reason but not against them. They have three lands on the server map and we have one. Also, not so long ago we promoted Aubz as a leader and we agreed to invade Superstars, keep two lands and give one to ODA. Not just that but we have bigger sizes so it is just tactical invasions. But no there is no recent conflict between us not that I know of.

What are your plans going into this invasion?

Our plan is to assert dominance and destroy them. We need to show the army community that we are more powerful than what people just see. We need to improve in sizes too and I think the invasion will be perfect to practice for bigger enemies or invasions in the future. But we are not enemies with Superstars.

How do you think this will affect SWAT’s relations with other armies?

I think it could be a good thing and a bad thing. Because the armies will see that we are improving and that we could be potential allies. But on the downside, the armies may see it as a threat as well.


This battle will surely be one you do not want to miss since both are up and coming armies in the community. Both have been doing their best to grow and keep their position in the S/M Top Ten. But will this evolve into something bigger?


What do YOU think? Who do you think will come up victorious at the end of this battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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