What Happened To The Redemption Force? A Look At Their First Week Back

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Redemption Force Empire- Exactly one week ago, the army known as the Redemption Force returned to the community. It was revived by some of their most legendary leaders, including their creator, Reacon. The reopening of the army showed great potential of regaining their former glory. But how have they fared in their first week back in business?

Redemption Force was created by current leader Reacon and Blaze in August 2013. In the past, they have soared to great heights as well as plummeted to low points. A whopping total of 55 people attended their reopening event on July 19. This saw them immediately get inducted into the list of major armies. The army even jumped to the 7th spot in the CP Army Hub Top Ten armies list. At that time, the army had personalities like Reacon, Konrad, Prince B, Tax1 and Otter, all of whom aimed to restore the glory of the Force. However, it looks like fate took a cruel turn for the army this week.

Reopening Event of Redemption Force

Their first week was all set to begin with a training event on July 21st. But it ended in heartbreak as the Force struggled to get more than 15 people online – a huge drop considering their reopening event. Seeing this, Reacon cancelled the event 8 minutes before it was supposed to begin. However, the leader Konrad attempted to rally the troops together despite the announcement, resulting in mass confusion. In the end the event remained cancelled, and was converted into a sled racing competition. The staff apologized for the confusion, and promised better planned events.

A picture of the canceled event of Redemption Force

Reacon explaining why the event was cancelled.

They were dealt another blow as Otter, the commander of the army, left them to join the Templars leadership. In an interview that can be found here, she mentioned recurring issues with the other leaders as the main reason that made her leave. She also mentioned lack of efforts from the staff for the army. This contradicted her words from an earlier interview, when she had praised the hard working Redemption Force members.

Another training event was all set to kick off on June 25th in an attempt to get back up on their feet after these setbacks. This event had been announced two days before to ensure everyone knew about it. Unfortunately, the announcement received less than 30 reactions. The event suffered the same death as it was cancelled 20 minutes before it began. Reacon cited the reason for this as the unavailability of the leaders for the event. Once again, the backpack-donning troops were promised an event soon.

Reacon (Zeta) cancelling the second event in a row.

These happenings in the Redemption Force nation must have sparked the curiosity of the readers. Is bad luck the only reason for this humble week? Or is there something else occurring behind the scenes, that is being hidden from the view of the spectators? The CP Army Hub team decided to interview Reacon in an attempt to make sense of this drastic fall from what had once been a promising position for the Force.

What is your plan to recover from the setbacks your army has been suffering this week?

Our Panel Of Guardians will be having a meeting soon to discuss the future of Redemption Force and what direction it will be heading in. The only reason our activity has dropped off is because our Guardians including myself have very busy lives outside of CPA and can’t afford to watch the chat and recruit all day every day, but we’ll be having a meeting as said to discuss the future of the army. We’ve shown what we can do when we get behind the cause, it’s about just being able to put the time in for us.

Are there any sort of issues between the current leadership of the army, that may be causing this rough patch?

No, our current group of leadership in the army is a very close knit group of Redemption Force legends from original armies who are practically family. However I would like to see some of our HCOM step up in the Guardians absence of time and keep the army afloat rather than just leaving it in shambles.

Do you think that the Redemption Force will have a better run this coming week? Or will there be a chance that the same factors may result in events getting cancelled again?

We will be having a meeting soon to discuss amongst ourselves if our leadership wants to put in the time to keep Redemption Force at a major level, otherwise we will probably just shut down due to not being able to meet standards. I didn’t bring Redemption Force back to just be a needle in a haystack. It’s up to people in the army if they want to put in the work or not.

Your motivation and dedication to your army is just awesome. Will you be planning to mark your army’s territory on the map if the Redemption Force does get up on its feet again and is up to standard?

We are not sure yet what we plan to do about the server map if Redemption Force returns to form, we will have to discuss that if and when the time comes.
Reacon certainly believes that this is not a low point for his army. He maintains that the below-par start to this generation of this impactful army was only because of the leaders being occupied with their real lives. Redemption Force plan to get back on track very soon. Hopefully, their plans will be successful and they will be back in form this week.
What do YOU think? Will the plans of this army succeed? Or will they be forced to shut down once again, due to not meeting their standards? Let us know in the comments section!
Scorpion Demon
CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. Reacon failed? Shocker.


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