Alex and Fusion Leave Coup Crusaders Leadership, LawCorazon Promoted to Leader

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusaders Empire – Recently we have seen two very influential leaders in the Coup Crusaders retire from their positions as leaders. Along with these retirements, we also witnessed a promotion to leadership.

On July 24th, Alexandra left her position as Coup Crusaders’ leader after being promoted into the Ice Warriors’ leadership. After this departure from Alex, LawCorazon decided to step up and fill her position as a leader on the 25th of July. Along with Alex, Fusion, former Ice Warriors’ Leader-In-Training, had also announced his retirement from CC leadership. Fusion decided to leave armies in general and is unsure of his future plans in armies, but plans to remain active in the community as he is currently holding a Reporter position in the CP Army Hub.

Fusion’s announcement of retirement in IW/CC

LawCorazon was part of the Coup Crusaders for quite a while now as she joined in June of 2020 and rose up to a position of Leader-In-Training prior to her promotion to a leader on July 25th:

July 25th: Coolguy announces LawCorazon’s leadership

CP Army Hub managed to catch Law to learn more about her thoughts on her promotion!

Why did you decide to step up? Are you excited to lead Coup Crusaders?

Well, I wanted to gain some experience with leading and so it was a perfect opportunity to take the leader position in CC. I am so excited to lead Coup Crusaders and I hope we can achieve a lot. It will take some time getting used to being a leader, but I hope I can do well!

What are your main goals for the army now that you’re a leader?

Firstly I would love for Coup Crusaders to do great in this round of the Beach Brawl and move further. I hope we can make our army grow further and create even more tight bonds between our members. I want everyone to feel at home in Coup Crusaders.

How do you think CC will look in the future?

I think CC is gonna grow and evolve and will hopefully remain such an awesome and welcoming army.


The Coup Crusaders have seen many leadership changes in the past few days, with 2 leaders leaving and another just recently promoted. CC has been doing well as they have reached #1 on the S/M Army Top Ten for the week of July 19th-25th. But how will these leadership changes affect them? Will they affect their placements on the Top Ten?


What do YOU think? Will the Coup Crusaders reach new levels with Law on their leadership team? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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  1. Awesome Post!


  2. Law will kill it


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