Battle Review: Recon Federation vs. Mangoes Alliance

DOWN UNDER, Mangoes Empire  Today the Recon Federation logged on to invade Down Under from the Mangoes. Both sides rose to the occasion, bringing lots of amazing tactics and formations to the table. Let’s take a closer look at what happened at this battle.

On July 26, 2020, at 8 pm EST, the Recon Federation logged on to Down Under to attempt to take the server from its owners, the Mango Corps. The Mango Corps did not disappoint, showing up to the battle along with their allies, the Ice Warriors, wearing the Ice Warriors’ uniform. The battle was set to be very competitive with Recon Federation achieving sizes of 37 while the Ice Warrior/Mango alliance achieved sizes of 70. Both armies had the sizes so the only thing that would separate them was going to be the tactics.


This battle began in the stadium, where both teams started strong by blanketing the room with tactic bombs. The Ice Warriors moved into a plus formation, while the Recon Federation took the form of an X. Both teams made an impressive tactic switch, this time with the Ice Warriors circling the stadium, while the Recon Federation chose to take the form of a diagonal line. Both teams finished out strongly with the IW making an infinity sign, and the RF taking advantage of the gaps in the middle and filling in those. The Ice Warriors triumphed in this room, due to a much bigger size, faster tactics, and neater formations.

Room 1: Stadium


In the second room, both teams started with tactic bombs again. The Ice Warriors moved into a plus formation once more, while the Recon Federation decided to circle the iceberg. Soon after, the armies performed a bit of a switch, with the Ice Warriors circling the berg and the Recon Federation forming a plus. During the next formation switch, IW formed a V, while RFCP performed an upside-down V. Both teams performed well in this room, but the Ice Warriors were once again successful because of their tactic speed and overall size advantage.

Room 2: Iceberg


In the final room, both armies began with tactic bombs. The Ice Warriors quickly formed into a plus formation, while the Recon Federation formed into two circles near the bottom of the plus. Soon afterward, both armies switched to bomb tactics again, this time with the IW moving into an impressive circle form, while the Recon Federation formed four lines through the middle of the circle, then quickly switched to a plus formation. Both sides showed great movement, but due to the Ice Warrior’s superior size and speed, they triumphed in the final room for the third time.

Room 3: Ship Hold

After an intense battle between the Ice Warriors/Mango Corps and the Recon Federation, the judges came up with a verdict based on overall sizes and tactic speeds.

The winners of each round


The battle seemed evenly matched on paper with IW having some advantage due to their recent sizes. This came back to haunt RFCP as they didn’t use bigger formations and bigger tactics to counter the size advantage that the alliance had. The Ice Warriors were successful in defending the server for their allies Mangoes who will retain Down Under and live to fight another day.

What do YOU think? Did RFCP deserve a different verdict? Or did Ice Warriors dominate them as the judges say? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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