Know Your Army Meme: Ice Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Associate Producer Rocket is back to give all the latest insight on meme culture across the army community as well as explaining a few classics!

So far, we’ve covered the Army of Club Penguin and the Pizza Federation, and now it’s time to explore the meme culture of the Ice Warriors! I reached out to Regan, Alex, and Panini from the IW HCOM team to hear about their experiences in IW and some of their favorite memes!

How long have you all been in the Ice Warriors?

Regan: I’ve originally joined the Ice Warriors in March 2010 and stayed until January 2015. I rediscovered armies in January 2020 but didn’t rejoin until March.

Alex: I have been in Ice Warriors for about 5 months now!

Panini: I joined Ice warriors originally in 2013 for a very slim period of time, and rejoined again full time in late March.

What are some of your favorite memes from the IW community?

Regan: I’ve seen many memes over the years, from the infamous “Dunce a donkey day”, Iceyfeet’s McDonalds, and Christopher1 being a massive simp for Albert417.

One of my favourites has been from the legend himself, King Mikey: “i vibe all day i vibe all night i vibe till the end of daylight WOO OH OH” has been declared the official slogan for the Ice Warriors Republic, and it is indented in the walls of the City Hall in Sub Zero.

Also, Da Best, I love you, I miss you, I’m sorry for how things ended between us. I didn’t mean to ban you for hyping the chat I swear. Da Best, in your honor, I have retired the rank of 6ic in the Ice Warriors until your return.

Also one I can’t forget is the IW unbiased Judges squad [Elite], which sent armies, most notably the Royals, to stupid rooms like whale igloos, !jr 864 ect. Hell, we even made Kiwii say “Dang Cool” when we were judging a Golds invasion, and it was a dang cool first room. There has been copycats, such as the DW unbiased judges squad, but they’re just the Paris F.C to our PSG. We are the “Life of the party”

Alex: IW has so many memes and inside jokes within our community, so it’s really hard to pick one. But, I think my favorite is our “Ben = Monkey” meme. Basically, one of our leaders, Ben, is in fact a monkey, and we do not let him forget this. At one point on our server rules, we had Rule #5 – Call Ben a Monkey every 5 minutes. It has gone so far as to the leaders programming the bots in our server to respond to the word “Ben” with reactions of monkey emojis or a message following from the bots saying “Monkey”. All of our troops join in on the fun, and on a weekly basis you can find the Ice Warriors flooding the chat with “Ben” or “Monkey”. :monkey:

A recent photo of Ben, after his surgery.

Panini: They’re have been so many but my favorite memes personally are 3 very important songs. ТРИ ПОЛОСКИ / KOLM TRIIPU / THREE STRIPES (better know as Tri Poloski), Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver, and most importantly Mr. Brightside by the Killers. very notable songs in the IW community.

Who is “Da Best”?

Regan: Da Best was a former 6ic in IW, and he’ll never let you forget it. Da Best and I had many, many, many, many arguments over Da Best’s decisions…. He made a chain that consisted of me singing baby shark and tried to include many people in it. Worst of all, he expected us to actually do this chain on a video call or something.

Most notably, Da Best created the “Ice Doritos” in the middle of the IW/DCP war with the objective of “uniting two enemies”… well safe to say, It became a meme and let to many laughs in our server. He came to an IW event wearing half DCP half IW uniform and starting saying “Join the Ice Doritos” followed by a link to the website. When we told him to stop he refused, so he started spamming our chats moments before a battle. We kicked him for that and then he starting running around like a headless chicken spamming “I WAS BANNED FOR HYPING THE CHAT” and “AGENT 11 AND REGAN WHY DID YOU DO THAT” It was comedy gold.

What is the Pizza Gang Podcast and how did it form?

Regan: Pizza Gang wandered into our server during the days of CPO, and they instantly became a hit with our trusted staff by calling people hurtful insults such as “a hecking heck”. Awhile after this incident, Pizza Gang returned to the Ice Warriors and started to live steam a lot – this time, he would travel the world bringing his new parents, Aly and Agent 11 along with him. They visited everywhere from Orlando to Tayto Park (where he called me a potato). Pizza Gang even went as far as to ruin a wedding by spamming “REGAN IS AN UGLY POTATO” over the bride and groom.

Soon after, Pizza Gang rocked up into the CPAH General VC, and the Pizza Gang Podcast grew with interviews with the greats of the CPAH community such as Orange. However, during these interviews, Pizza Gang was found to hate the Irish, as in his interview with me. He refused to let me answer as Gaeilge. Nevertheless, Pizza Gang is an icon alongside King Mikey and Da Best. PGA 4 LIFE.

What makes the memes special to the community as a whole?

Regan: I’ll admit that maybe sometimes people (myself included) take this community so seriously. The memes we all share together just make us have a laugh. The Pizza Gang Podcast is an example of how people who disagree army-wise just came together and meme around. Pookie, if you’re reading this, we want Pizza Gang Podcasts every week, if not everyday.

Alex: Memes are what keeps the community laughing, when battles and wars can sometimes keep us too serious. This meme in particular is special to our community because its not just an inside joke that a few people are in on- its inclusive to all of our troops. And everyone has fun calling Ben and monkey.
If you see Ben in CPAH, make sure to ping him and say “Monkey” nothing else. He will really enjoy it.

Panini: Whenever these songs, and a few others come on a shared Spotify or a Group VC with Groovy. That’s when we all know what time it is. These being very commonly overplayed and hyped song have made them become very recognizable to me, and I’m sure many others in the Ice Warrior community. When these anthems play we all come together, and start mass spamming the lyrics together. It’s basically our only excuse to mass spam the chat without breaking said #rules. it’s so funny and entertaining to watch all our troops come together and sing per say in the chat and all of us getting super hyped up. Tri Poloski is a song we commonly use to sing to our leader, Shinde. The repetitiveness of the song makes it easy for everyone to join in and sing along, and we even have an emoji for it. Country Roads is a classic that everyone knows and loves. If you see the words COUNTRY ROADS in the chat, at least one person is gonna join in with you. Lastly, ever since I’ve rejoined IW, this was a huge one, Mr. Brightside. We know Regan is a die hard fan of The Killers, and this song can be easily sung and jammed out to throughout the server. We know this is his go-to song, so if we see it, we know it’s going to be a good event, or we just succeeded a great victory. It makes me so happy that we can all have fun and bond over music, even though we are all in a server with such diversity – we find a way we can all come together and just have fun as community. :))

Any other memes you’d like to share?

Panini: Theres also another meme that IW has called “Oops Entered Early”.This meme is something that we use a lot, both in battles and practices. Back in the March Madness Semi Finals, we were wrongfully accused of entering the stadium early. This was later debunked from a video of the battle taken by one of the judges.
Now, when we battle in the stadium, we frequently use the tactic “OOPS, ENTERED EARLY” to honor that time that the Ice Warriors were wronged.

Regan: This image here is from “the Badboy wars” when Badboy thought he could defeat IW in a war back in May. But instead they lost to our Rangers Division who dressed as snails.

Thank you Regan, Alex, and Panini so much for showing us your community and the memes with them! We’ve truly learned a lot and seen that there is a rich history to the memes that are a part of Ice Warriors and their culture!

What meme did you like the most from Ice Warriors? Is Da Best the best? What armies’ memes do YOU want to see covered next? Comment YOUR opinion down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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