Operation Snowstorm, Chapter Four: The End Of The Line

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Original Stories Office –  The Army Hub presents to you the fourth chapter of the original story written by Scorpion Demon: Operation Snowstorm. 

Chapter Four: The End Of The Line

THE leaves of the trees in the forest whispered in expectation to each other as Zebra finished telling what she had seen while scouting the Everyday Phoning Facility (EPF) building. Her audience was a large group of penguins seated on logs around a roaring campfire. The shadows of the penguins thrown by the fire lay as still as the sky on that moonless night. Magnus continued glaring at his shoes even after she finished her story, while Ian was staring into the oblivion of the dark forest with an expression that she would have laughed at, if not for the dire situation they were in. The others, including Bruce, had flinched when she mentioned Blaine not being anywhere outside or inside the building, so she had made a conscious effort to avoid the tyrant for the rest of her story.

“It’s an obvious trap,” Ian finally spoke, breaking the silence. Magnus looked up with a grimacing look on his face. “Blaine would have made several security provisions inside the buildings, but he’s left the outside virtually unguarded. It may be a trap, but we have to take that chance. Without the secret agents he has imprisoned there, my gut says we have absolutely no chance to win.” “Guts aren’t all you should be trusting. Use some of those brains as well.” Daniel intruded in. “What else do you suggest we do, Daniel?” Alaska spoke in a quiet voice. “Anything else. It is your job to think of the plans. I’m here just to carry them out!” he replied. “As long as you don’t drop me down the edge of the cliff.” he added. “Yukon is still in the clutches of that pest of a penguin. I still remember how he used to be the one who would make all the plans when we were exploring, and then I’d go in without second thought and blow them all away. This time too, it is now up to me to rescue him, and get us away from this danger.” her voice choked and she went quiet.

Magnus, who had been listening intently, continued her talk, “Not just Yukon, but all the penguins who are now puppets of Blaine. All of your friends, neighbours, relations, and this island as well aren’t safe until Blaine is behind bars and all of the population has been freed. To accomplish this, we have to free the agents.” Bruce and Gerry D spoke at once, “Do you have a plan?” He replied, “Of course I’ve got a plan. Gather around closer….”

Ria finally woke up, only to see nothing. She had been blindfolded, gagged, and tied so tight she could barely move. After she had been struggling for what seemed like eternity, someone finally pulled her blindfold off. She blinked the tears out of her eyes even as that person untied and ungagged her. It was the same penguin who had been leading those rebels- Magulls or Megan or some name she couldn’t place.

“Sorry about having to tie you up.” She retorted, “I’d say no need to apologize, but then I’d be lying. Where am I? Who are you?” “Easy with the questions, whoa. I will explain everything to you. I’m Magnus, one of the only three secret agents who managed to escape Blaine’s control. The place you are in is a tent, based in a clearing in the eastern part of the forest. We have managed to rally together all of those penguins you didn’t manage to send back.” Magnus’s expression became a bit annoyed at that but quickly went back to the good natured, humorous look he always had on. “They’re either recovered and resting, or like you haven’t woken up yet. We’re soon going to launch another offensive against Blaine.” She interrupted him, “Wait, wait, why are you telling me all of this?” “Because I know you can help us, and you want to help us.”

Those words struck Ria like a hammer, and suddenly she realized the newfound respect she had for this straightforward, polite guy. “You certainly got that correct, but how?” “If you had ever wanted us to fail you would have actually used that radio of yours to ask Blaine to help. Either that or you’re incredibly stupid.” “You should be thankful for it, if I had called for backup you’d be a brainwashed troop in Blaine’s army by now.” Magnus saw her hidden smile while she said it though, and realized she had decided to help him.

Six hours later, Alaska was sitting alone at the entrance of the tent, staring as the sun started to rise. Footsteps sounded beside her and a familiar face popped up, silhouetted faintly against the sun. “Miss me?” Daniel asked, smirking. “Yeah, I also missed Herbert,” Alaska replied. Even while saying that she managed to choke her voice, and cursed herself for not being careful. Daniel noticed it, and said, “Hey, don’t worry, we’ll rescue your friend! And the rest of this island! We’ll then go on a voyage together, this whole team, to save all the other islands that need saving!” Alaska laughed at that. Daniel joined in too. The sun brought with it the hopes of the penguins.

Blaine was sweating profusely owing to the heat that had built up in the room he was crouching in. It was dark except for a small bulb, and there were no windows and not a door in sight. The room was literred with hundreds of tools and machine parts lying on the ground or on small workstations. In the centre lay a large table on which was what remained of the Hypnotizing Glasses created by Gary. Despite Blaine’s threats, tortures and warnings he had refused to give him the access codes to it.

Now Blaine stood up, having hit upon a final plan. It would either work or would end his hopes of ever recreating the device. He set to work, using multiple acetylene torches and welding and melting the metal exteriors away to allow him to open the device without codes.

After 3 hours of furnance treatment to the device, it lay on the table, practically unharmed. It was now quivering, and Blaine knew what was about to happen. He took cover behind a strong table just as it exploded with a colossal noise. The shockwave hit a millisecond later, and despite the table Blaine was flung towards the wall, slamming into it. He heard a crunch as his back snapped against the bricks. The parts of the machine now lay across the floor, and he smiled despite the pain as he realized it had worked. It was now the end of the line for all those who had dared to try and defy him. He watched the fires start to burn the wooden pillars of the room as he blacked out from the agony.

Come back next week for Chapter Five.

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Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Story Writer

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  1. completely interesting. cant wait to keep reading


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