What Would You Do: Leaders Multilogging

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, members of the HCOM and Moderator teams were asked what they would do if their leaders were multilogging.

Multilogging is when an individual in an army, whether it be a troop, staff member, or leader, logon using multiple accounts at once. This is done to increase sizes for one’s army and is not taken lightly by the community as it has always been frowned upon. Leaders who multilogs is not a new topic to the community as it has happened in the past, and puts a bad look onto the army as a whole, including enlisted troops and staff.

HCOM/Moderators were asked the following:

If your army leaders were multilogging, what would you do?

Bubbles, Special Weapons and Tactics’ Colonel (Moderator)

Oooo I would honestly call them out on it. I’d rather we be honest about our numbers than not

Brenatto, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Third in Command

I’d definitely investigate the claims and see what evidence there is. RPF has a firm stance against multilogging, so I doubt that any of our current leadership would do that, especially since our sizes are fine already. If, somehow, the claims turned out to be true, I’d be disappointed in the multiloggers, depending on how long it was going on. I don’t think I’d do anything as drastic as change armies personally, but I’d want a harsh penalty for the perpetrator(s) for sure.

Neha, Red Ravagers’ Third in Command

Knowing both my leaders on a very personal level I would call them out immediately. Both know how frowned upon it is and how damaging it can be for an army. I would definitely not hesitate to yell that them both and ask them to make an apology to our army.

Zeenie, Elites’ Platoon Leader (Moderator)

To be honest, I know my leaders wouldn’t do something like this coz they follow the rules pretty seriously… But in case they do it I would ask them for an explanation and most likely leave that army 😦

Stevie101, Silver Empire’s Grand Brigadier (Moderator)

I would probably confront them about it in a polite manner. I would tell them that this isn’t right and it could seriously tarnish our reputation as an army.

Kally, Ice Warrior’s Second in Command

I would probably talk to them personally before taking any action. I’d try to find out why they would do this (knowing that we don’t need multilogs for a good max). I’d attempt to persuade them to stop, but otherwise I would probably take a leave or step down since I’m strictly against multilogging.


Overall, it seems that there is a unanimous answer to this question. All HCOM/Moderators seem that they would be quite shocked and simply be disappointed in their leaders if they were to find out about this. Even some had posed the solution to have their leaders apologize or even go to the extent of leaving the army, which can be seen as completely understandable. In the end, most of us can see leaders multilogging as inappropriate behavior and is not acceptable.

This begs the final question…

What would YOU do if your army leaders were multilogging?


CP Army Editor-In-Chief

3 Responses

  1. wow what a great post, 😉 loved the responses from the hcom/mods <33


  2. i’m from the acp, which is a giant army that maxes a ton arready. in a big army like that there is no reason to cheat and multilog


  3. Great responses. Truth is though that history has proven that when the time of revelation comes, taking the decision to call out or leave an army that you have spent countless hours into recruiting, fighting, and ranking up for is rarely an easy one. Most people will probably condone the behaviour but not do anything more, in fear of losing what they have invested so much time into.

    Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not something to feel ashamed for. It’s something that was most likely out of your control and couldn’t predict, and losing all your hard work just because someone else within your army doesn’t follow a simple moral code is certainly unfair. However, be certain that everyone else in the community will pay huge respects for you if you actually expose the cheating army, which could serve as a boost for continuing your career in another army in a high rank.

    Depending on the scale of corruption within the leadership, this is often the correct choice.


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