Animal Kingdom Reopen Their Gates

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Animal Kingdom Empire – After their short but eventful time in the community, the Animal Kingdom closed its doors on June 7th and merged into the Golden Troops. Last night, however, they made a shocking re-appearance in CP Army Hub, with an almost brand-new HCOM and leadership team. What could have sparked such a sudden revival?

The Animal Kingdom was created on April 18th of this year by Leila, Bashipla, and Pablo, alongside their mascot Lard. Though relatively new to the army community, Leila led AK to sizes over 50 in a legendary battle alongside their allies at the time, Redemption Force. On average, AK would max 15-20+, reaching 2nd in the S/M top ten just a month after it’s opening!

On July 28th, 2020, it was announced that the Animal Kingdom would be making a return. It’s currently led by Leila, Aisha, Candy, and Marie, an almost brand-new leadership team, all members with experience working together in the Doritos. Together, they helped AK max 19+ at their opening event, considering their maxes had dropped to 5 near the end of their last generation, this was a big improvement for the army.

Picture from AK’s return event

CP Army Hub decided to speak to current AK leader and creator Leila about what she has to say about her beloved army returning to the community.

Was this revival was caused by anything in particular?

Basically, since DCP isn’t in the league anymore, I decided to- with multiple people telling me to revive it. just to give troops a fun second army to be apart of while still doing events.

What are your plans for the Animal Kingdom in the future?

To be honest, not really sure haha. The main things I think myself and the other leaders have agreed on was just to help out DCP with whatever whenever. Mainly probably just have fun practice battles with other s/m armies. we have no plans of being server hungry or going too hard on things. Me and my other terrible spelling leaders are just gonna have fun!

Do you believe that this new generation will be different than the last, and why?

Yes, I do think this go-around of AK will be different. The majority of the last group was based on completely different people. I don’t wanna spread any bad blood or anything, but to be honest, I’m just done with the drama they carry with them. CPA isn’t supposed to be a toxic place where you freak out over small things, and I don’t want that to be in with AK. Like I said, we just wanna chill haha. No hate to the old people who aren’t in the server anymore, they’re doing their own thing, just not in AK :))

Rumors are floating around that the legend himself, Lard, will be leading AK. Is this true? What could it mean for the future of your army?

Yes, Lard has a following of his own and will continue to be a legend. His name shall be known across CPA as a legend. his perfect knowledge about the animal world is what guides us past, present, and future

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Shoutout to my girl gang, Marie, Aisha, & Candy for coming along for the ride with me and taking on the challenge of leading this army while being in DCP <33

From this interview, we can tell that Leila revived it to keep the Animal Kingdom as more of a relaxed army, which meant she had to let some of her old community go. The new HCOM and leadership team seem keen to take on the task of running AK. We are eager to see how the Animal Kingdom will perform in this generation.!

What do YOU think? Will this generation top the previous one? Will the Animal Kingdom keep their promise of staying as a relaxed army? Let us know what YOUR opinion is!


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CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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