March Madness: Semi-Final Predictions

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — The Ice Warriors are set to take on the Doritos in the long-overdue March Madness semi-finals… but who will see it through to the grand finals?

Earlier this week it was announced the March Madness tournament would finally be completed, and so later today the Doritos and Ice Warriors will go head-to-head in the semi-finals round (click here for the times). Who will emerge the victors, and take on the Dark Warriors in the grand finals? And who are the CP Army Hub staff and donators placing bets on?

Ice Warriors vs. Doritos

There is no doubt this highly-anticipated battle will be a huge event for both armies. The pairing were recently engaged in a war that concluded with the Doritos leaving the Army Hub league indefinitely. Could the bad blood make each side even hungrier for victory? While the Ice Warriors placed third in the most recent Top Ten listing, the Doritos were just 4 points behind at fourth position. Will the battle be as close as this? 

The staff and donator predictions seem to be overwhelming in favour of the Ice Warriors. With 11 votes leaning towards a Warrior victory, and just 2 for the Doritos, are they right? And what do you think?

The Ice Warriors most recent event, a battle against the Recon Federation.

The Doritos most recent event, a Coffee Takeover.


Max, Executive Producer: Ice Warriors

Zamb, Executive Producer: Doritos

Cassie, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors

Robot, Associate Producer: Ice Warriors

AustinFraud, Associate Producer: Ice Warriors

PINK, Associate Producer: Doritos

Crazzy, Army Hub Advisor: Ice Warriors

Jaime, Army Hub Donator: Ice Warriors

Oli, Army Hub Donator: Ice Warriors

Kaliee, Army Hub Donator: Ice Warriors

Ninja, Army Hub Donator: Ice Warriors

Lilox7, Army Hub Donator: Ice Warriors

With the semi-final battle taking place later today, there is no doubt this event is going to be a huge happening in the army community. But which of the staff got it right? And what do you think?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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