March Madness Semi-Final Results & Grand Finals Information

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The March Madness semi-finals have concluded, but who will be joining the Dark Warriors in the grand finals?

The long overdue March Madness semi-finals took place earlier today, and saw the Ice Warriors and Doritos go head-to-head in an intense 30-minute battle. The conflict was judged by five individuals, and a conclusion was reached based on: size, tactics, formations, agility, creativity, and other factors.

Ice Warriors vs. Doritos

Both sides managed to pull fantastic sizes for the event – the Ice Warriors at 101 members and the Doritos with 45 penguins. The first room, the Docks, saw the Ice Warriors outnumber the Doritos 2-1, sizes of 62 and 31. Rooms two and three, the Ice Berg and Stadium, told a similar story with the Doritos heavily outnumbered. Both sides put up a great effort with a vast range of tactics and formations, but the battle concluded with a 3-0-0 victory in favour of the Ice Warriors.

Winner: Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors will now advance into the grand finals, which are set to take place next Tuesday, August 4th. The full timings are listed below.

[August 4th]

Ice Warriors vs. Dark Warriors

1 AM IST / 8:30 PM BST / 3:30 PM EST / 2:30 PM CST / 1:30 PM MST/ 12:30 PM PST


The grand-finals of the March Madness tournament will occur next Tuesday, August 4th, and the two Warriors will battle it out. But who will lift the highly coveted tournament trophy? 

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CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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  1. holy shit we’re fighting our allies


  2. IW are finally happy now


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