Battle Review: Hold Bugs Army Hold Up Against Red Ravagers

KLONDIKE, Battle Server – Hold Bugs Army and Red Ravagers, both small/medium armies, gave it their all with great tactics and formations, but let’s take a closer look at what occurred during this practice battle.

On July 30th, the Hold Bugs Army and Red Ravagers squared off in a friendly practice battle event. The battle began at 9:00 PM EST, with the Hold Bugs Army maxing 16 and Red Ravagers maxing a size of 15. The sizes were unquestionably not too far off from each other and both armies performed outstandingly but let’s see what the result was. 

[Boiler Room]

The armies started their battle inside mine where both armies kicked off with tactic bombs. HBA quickly moved into a V formation whilst, Red Ravagers were forming a plus formation. Red Ravagers and HBA were able to pull off impressive bombs throughout the battle.  Even though both armies were doing great, Hold Bugs Army performed faster tactics and held cleaner formations. Due to Hold Bugs Army having cleaner formations and sharper tactics, it resulted in them winning this room.

Room 1: Boiler Room


After an impressive performance in the first room, armies went to the Beach to begin round 2. The Red Ravagers quickly got into an impressive upside-down V formation when coming into the room whilst the Hold Bugs Army performed an upside-down T formation. After a few minutes, Hold Bugs Army decided to bomb the room, covering up Red Ravanger’s tactics and proceeded to steal the RR’s formation. When Hold Bugs Army stole their formation, Red Ravagers quickly decided to expose the HBA’s gaps by performing a rake bomb. Both armies performed exceedingly well in this room with fast tactics and wonderful formations. Both armies were very smart with tactics and formations that they chose. Due to both armies performing strongly, this room ended up being a tie.

Room 2: Beach

[Pet Shop]

The pet shop was the final room for this battle. Hold Bugs Army shocked the judges with such a clean unique L formation. The Hold Bugs Army had gone into this formation incredibly quickly. Meanwhile, the Red Ravagers got into a nice circle formation. A few minutes later, Red Ravagers proceeded to bomb the room and got into a V formation whilst, the Hold Bugs Army got into an upside-down V formation.  Both armies did incredibly well in this room but the Hold Bugs Army ended up winning the final room due to their consistency of performing strong tactics and neater formations.

Room 3: Pet Shop

The Red Ravagers and Hold Bugs Army had an intense showdown, but due to Hold Bugs Army performing stronger tactics and amazing formations, the judges announced it was Hold Bugs Army who took the victory home!

The judge’s verdict

After this fierce practice battle, The Hold Bugs Army emerged victorious with a score of 2-1-0. They both did an outstanding job and will not go down without a fight in their future invasions.

What do YOU think about this battle? Let us know your opinions in the comment section!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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