Battle Review: Superstars Pull Off Blockbuster Win Against SWAT

COZY, Superstars Empire – The rescheduled invasion of Cozy, owned by the Superstars, went into overtime as the judges struggled to declare one army victorious. The battle, held on July 31st, resulted in a surprising win for the Superstars. This result has sent shockwaves through the community — how did the Superstars defend Cozy so glamorously?

The invasion of Cozy was the second invasion of Special Weapons and Tactics on Superstars. SWAT successfully invaded Superstars’ Fiesta on July 28th. Their invasion of Cozy was rescheduled from July 29th to July 31st due to issues with CP Armies. The battle was adrenaline pumping, and both armies fought valiantly — but in the end, only one army can be the winner.

[Inside Mine]

Both armies were quick to enter the room. SWAT bombed with a bubble tactic, while Superstars went for a J bomb. For the first few minutes, the Superstars were at a size disadvantage. SWAT was quick to form an X, so the Superstars countered with a vertical line. As more Superstars troops began logging in, it soon became an inverted T formation. Both armies bombed at the same time, then SWAT moved into a circle. The Superstars managed to come up with a diagonal line. SWAT was much faster in their tactics and movements and outmatched Superstars throughout the room. After SWAT had moved into an upside-down T and Superstars formed an inverted V, the ten minutes were up. SWAT was awarded this room as a result of faster tactics, movements, and larger size — they had 28 penguins online.

Room 1: Inside Mine

[Snow Forts]

SWAT started slower for the second room, while the Superstars saw an increase in size that put them back into the game. Both sides entered with bombs. With some effort, SWAT formed a plus but the Superstars continued their bomb with a heart emote rake. After this, they piled into a V formation. Both sides showed equal strength in tactics. SWAT bombed first and moved into a clean circle. The Superstars countered the bomb with their own and moved swiftly into a plus. However, both stayed in these formations for the rest of the room. Due to equally fast tactics and skill in getting into formation, the room was declared a tie.

Room 2: Snow Forts


Despite SWAT’s “You got smaller” bomb to kick off the room, the Superstars grew even bigger in size, reaching close to 24 penguins in the third room. Superstars bombed another word tactic mocking CCBHM. SWAT formed a plus while the Superstars quickly arranged into an X. This time, Superstars were faster to execute tactics than SWAT. They performed an impressive E+8 waterfall, thus bombing before SWAT, who replied with a diagonal bomb. Then the armies exchanged formations, with SWAT now forming an X while Superstars converted a horizontal line into a plus. The Superstars soon changed the formation into an inverted T. SWAT tried a waterfall, before forming an upside-down V. In the last minute, Superstars performed a waterfall bomb before moving on. Owing to much faster, better, and aesthetic tactics, Superstars easily won this room. This resulted in the judges calling for a fourth room.

Room 3: Iceberg


The Docks was chosen as the final room for this exciting battle, and both armies were equally eager to win this room. While SWAT was taken by surprise at the announcement of a fourth room, Superstars moved in quickly with another J bomb. SWAT entered with a J bomb as well and moved into a V formation. However, Superstars showcased exemplary diagonal bombs, followed by a waterfall that covered SWAT completely. They formed an A within seconds and were much faster than SWAT with their tactics. SWAT carried out three bombs and temporarily moved into a Y formation before going for a plus. The Superstars came up with an L formation. SWAT bombed first once again into an upside-down V formation, while Superstars retained their formation and continued surpassing SWAT in terms of speed. The battle ended with Superstars bombing heart emotes. Superstars maxed 27 penguins in this room while SWAT had 28 penguins. Due to their faster tactics and more movements, Superstars won the room once again.

Overtime Room: Docks

SWAT and Superstars had an amazing battle. Both sides were strong and overall matched each other. The Superstars, despite being at disadvantage during the first room, soon picked up the pace and matched SWAT in the second room. They continued on to dominate the third room and picked up the win through overtime, with a score of 2-1-1.

The Judges Verdict

It certainly was a surprising win, and Superstars leader Kook made an announcement thanking their troops and allies for helping them defend Cozy. It is an interesting development in the sequence of invasions that SWAT had planned, as they are scheduled to invade the Superstars capital Sparkle very soon!

What do YOU think about this battle? Was the win just a fluke? Or will Superstars continue the successful defense of their servers? Let us know your opinions in the comment section!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Reporter


3 Responses

  1. This feels like some major bs,
    The leader of Superstars probably slid an abe Lincoln to the judges


  2. very very close battle, was definitely exciting.. and surprising. im excited to see what the next battle between the armies will hold


  3. […] And Tactics. After 2 very close battles for the server of Cozy, the first in which Superstars had defended successfully with the assistance from RR and the Doritos. On the other hand, they had unsuccessfully defended […]


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