The Climber, Chapter Four: It Is Just Club Penguin… Isn’t It?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Original Stories Office – The fourth chapter of the Original Story, The Climber, is here.

Chapter One: Did I Just Enjoy Club Penguin?

Chapter Two: Family Forever

Chapter Three: Learning the Ropes

Chapter Four: It Is Just Club Penguin… Isn’t It?

I’m excited to check out what is happening in ACP today, so I get online and say “Hi” and a few people in chat say hi back. I recognize some of them from the VC last night. One of the people that I recognize is named Yeti. We ended up talking a lot in the VC as he tried to teach me how to roll my R’s and say some words in Spanish. We laughed a lot as I attempted words and completely failed practically each of them.

Yeti and I pick up our conversation and begin speaking back and forth in the ACP main chat, and I ask him if Spanish is his first language. Yeti tells me it is his first language, and he learned English from school.

That’s so cool!! I’ve always wanted to learn to speak Spanish fluently, but I only know a little bit.

You should come over to Spanish chat sometime, haha I’m in there a lot of the time because I have to mod it.” 

I’m not sure he understands how little I mean when I know a little Spanish, but I just laugh it off for now. “Haha, yeah I think I’d probably die in Spanish chat. Wait, how’d you manage to become a mod?

Oh, by ranking up.” He says, “Actually do you want to go to VC and I can tell you how all that works?


Yeti and I hop onto a voice channel and he starts, “Okay, so you know how you are able to rank up, right?”

“I remember it being mentioned in the beginner’s post, but I don’t remember it well enough to tell you how I’d actually go about doing it.” I admit shyly, scratching the back of my head.

“Well, basically, the way we do it is you collect clovers for the things you do for the army, things like attending events, keeping chat active, and recruiting.”

I nod to myself, and ask him, “What exactly is recruiting?”

“It’s when you get people to join basically? Like how you said Max invited you here? He recruited you.”

“I see clovers talked about a lot. What exactly are they?” I ask and he explains that clovers are received when you do one of the things he mentioned above and when you reach a set number.

“Any more questions?” Yeti asks with a laugh.

“Yes, a million actually, but I’ll try to keep it as short as I can.”

“Keep them coming, I’ll try to answer the best I can,” Yeti encourages me.

“Okay so like, I get that we can rank up, but what is the purpose of ranking up?”

“Oh, well for one you get more perms as you rank up, become more trusted, and known around the army.” More trusted? It’s Club Penguin, not the CIA, what the heck do they need to trust you with? 

“Gotcha. Can anyone recruit?”

“YES! You can actually climb the ranks faster if you do because you get clovers for recruits. We even have a group of people that specialize in recruiting, they are called the recruiting force.”

“How do you join?”

“Ah yeah, just message either Kailey or Zelly or HCOM saying that you are interested in joining”

“I’ll think about joining! Are you in it?”


“I’ll think about joining it, but now you’ve unlocked another question,” I say with a laugh. “Uh… what the heck is HCOM?”

“Oh, HCOM stands for high command. They run the army, basically.”

Run the army? Like just manage events and get them posted right? This is just Club Penguin… how much work could it be? “How do you become HCOM?”

“You just kinda climb the ranks and go above and beyond expectations. Also, having good leadership skills helps a lot.”

“Last question… I think? Are there other armies?” I’ve been wondering this for a while, I mean, what is the point of an army if they don’t have anyone to fight? Crap, now I want to know how they fight… I’ll ask another time.

“Yes! There are a lot of them actually.”

“Where can I find the other armies, do they have Discords too or do they use something else?”

“Best place is probably the CPAH server. They have all the server invites listed, here, I’ll invite you there,” Yeti says and a few seconds later I hear a ping from him messaging me the invite link. I join the server and scroll through the channels, taking it all in.

“What is this place?” It looks so professional. 

“It’s like a news server for the CPA community.”

Club Penguin has news? What could be interesting enough to actually write entire articles on in a Club Penguin group? “This is a lot bigger than I thought. Well, at least you answered a lot of my questions about all this. Thank you so much!”

“No problem,” Yeti laughs. “If you ever need anything else answered just message me and I’ll try to help.”

“Thanks, I hope we become really good friends.” For the sake of my understanding of all of this, I hope he becomes my friend.

“I’m sure we will,” he laughs.

“I’m gonna get off call now and go look around the CPAH server.”

“Okay, bye Ellie!”

“Bye Yeti!”

We get off of the VC and I look at all the different channels on CPAH. Finally, I go to the #small-medium-armies channel and look at all the names of the armies, wondering which one I should check out. I scroll up and down the list as I think about everything Yeti told me. The ranks seem to be a big thing, and HCOM seems like it’s actually important. I shake my head. No, it can’t be important. It’s just Club Penguin… isn’t it?

Come back next Friday for Chapter Five.

What did YOU think of Chapter Four? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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