Matt Returns to Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Yesterday, the Templars promoted one of their high commands, Matt, back to leadership. Where did this come from?

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Who Could Overtake The Rebel Penguin Federation?

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – The Rebel Penguin Federation–the reigning champion of the CP Army community. If there were a god among armies, perhaps it would be the Rebels. For an unbroken 3.5 months, they’ve sat proudly on their throne of number one on the Top Ten, unchallenged and unyielding. But no kingdom’s reign lasts forever. Which army will ultimately be the one who takes the crown from the Rebel Penguin Federation?  Continue reading


“I’m just not feeling it anymore” Says Doritos Leader Jester Upon Retirement

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – On August 31st, Doritos legend and ex-leader Jester released a website post announcing his imminent retirement. In said post he states,”Idk man.. just not feeling it anymore.” What led him to make this statement? Why did he choose to retire so abruptly? Continue reading

Koloway Bids Farewell To Elites Leadership

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – The army community recently witnessed many retirements, and now another one has happened. Army legend Koloway, shocked troops as he announced his decision to retire from Elites’ leadership. Continue reading

Manu Swaps Water Vikings Leader For Real-Life Navy Following Retirement

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings’ Capital – Following the Water Vikings’ loss against SWAT in their battle for Cozy, one of their leaders retired from their position in leadership. With their war at hand, how will Manu’s retirement affect the army?

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The Eagre Foray: Special Weapons and Tactics Defend Cozy

COZY, Battle Ground – The war between the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics continue with another extremely close battle. Who gets to stay cozy after the battle? Continue reading

End of Summer Awards 2020: Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The voting period for the first annual Army Hub ‘End of Summer Awards‘ has concluded, and the results are in…

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Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force Battle Review

WHITE HOUSE, Battleground – The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force faced off in an exhilarating practice battle on August 30th. The battle of the two giants saw both sides exercise their might with gargantuan sizes. Who took home the trophy? Continue reading

S/M Top Ten Armies [8/23/20-8/29/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — A busy week in the small-medium community witnesses the return of a historic army and a close top three.

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Top Ten Armies [8/23/20-8/29/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The final week of August finishes with a surprise, as the army closest to first was abdicated.

Click here for the S/M Top Ten.

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