Behind the Lens: The Failed Edict, Order 67

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Boiler Room – In the last edition of Behind the Lens, we looked back to the Army of Club Penguin’s past, where Cassius Brutus oversaw the army at their lowest time and was responsible for their rise to prominence before later being a victim of a coup de’tat. Today’s archives relate to a persisting issue in the CP Army Hub; that being the supposed “lack of representation from small armies”. Because of the army representative system, every army is given an equal say, but when there wasn’t, these armies were easily bullied by bigger powers. What was “Order 67”, and why were small-medium armies threatened by it?

A map from one of the variations of CPA’s Order 67s.

Throughout history, there wasn’t a single event titled Order 67, yet times, where SM armies were targetted by bigger powers, were given this name. Why? In Star Wars, a very popular sci-fi series (which unfortunately I’m not a fan of), the Galactic Empire had a directive known as Order 66. The Siths, a religious order known as a primary opposition against the saint-like Jedis, were primarily involved in the order following the Battle of Ringo Vinda. Once Order 66 was active, all Jedis were to be executed. Unfortunately, thousands of Jedis were victim to the Sith’s genocide and were persecuted for their association with the lightsaber-wielding protectors. Thousands may have perished, but a few lived on to continue “fighting the good fight” and later balance the force.

Order 67 in a nutshell.

Now, how does a spoof of a Star Wars directive relate to the Club Penguin Army community? A similar order existed at a time where SM armies lacked the representation they had today. Once armies began to grow out of the clan/colour-war stage, they began to form organized militias with websites, rankings, and methods of battles. Some armies grew faster than others, such as the Army of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation, Nachos, Underground Mafias Army, and more. Under the common goal of remaining the biggest powers and eradicating the smaller armies underneath them, five of the biggest armies at the time banded together into an alliance known as the ANTA (the Army and Nation Treaty Alliance). The idea of banding together was initially brought up by Nachos leader Shadow2446 and agreed upon by the armies mentioned above. Oagalthorp, the creator of the Army of Club Penguin and one of their first leaders, used outlined the rules and purpose of the ANTA in this post, stating it’s supposed to mediate/stop conflict from arising between allies. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the sole motivation.

Fort’s post on Order 67, where he stated why the ANTA is aiming to eradicate small armies.

Despite the original goal being to mediate conflict, the agenda of the ANTA later changed to support an anti-small-medium army agenda. Both Shadow and the next leader of the clover army, Fort57, oversaw the operations of the major army pact and had reasons to dislike small-medium armies. A few reasons were their lack of commitment to both major armies and the ANTA, stealing assigned servers and declaring war, and also cockiness portrayed by small army leaders. Their hate for these armies created a rivalry with another alliance-like organization, one known as the Club Penguin United Nations. Mr. Deedledoo, inducted as a CPA Legend by the CP Army Central in 2008 for heading the CP United Nations, created the union to bring together small armies and defend against bigger powers. His alliance saw initial success but saw even greater during the ANTA’s rise to infamy. By the time ANTA declared Order 67, their directive to eradicate all small armies that oppose them, the CP United Nations saw 60 armies enlisted under their treaty. The leaders representing CPUN and combating the alliance were Red Raiders’ leader Itachi6Dark, Club Penguin Rangers leader Ktman, and CPUN delegate Jediman (ironic that his name is Jedi and he fought the spoof of Order 66).

ANTA’s plan to fight the smaller armies. Each army is shown to have been assigned a room, where they’re defending against several smaller powers. Previously, the might of all 5 major armies was greater than 60 penguins, which was remarkable considering armies at the time were still growing.

Despite the major armies having large sizes and a concrete plan to fight, their Order 67 failed. Shaboomboom, a CPA Central philosopher who was involved in the battle, explained the idea of an Order 67 and reasons why it failed. Three of the reasons he provided were along the lines of misinformation, as the idea wasn’t shared with both allied troops and the enemy, and certain armies were granted immunity if favored by the ANTA leaders. Despite its failure, the army community had a positive response to the former small army purge. The CP United Nations was established as a defense bloc against any bigger powers, and they later gained more representation. Since then, armies did not grow to coexist with each other, but instances, where smaller armies were bullied by multiple major powers, weren’t seen as often. At least that’s what everyone thought until history attempted to repeat itself.

The hard hat is a newer logo to represent the Club Penguin United Nations. As ANTA attempted to go through with their plan of Order 67, the CPUN stepped up and provided SM armies with the necessary defenses, and also gave them an opportunity to retaliate.

In 2012, the Ice Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, and Nachos reigned over the Club Penguin army community. Unlike before, the community has since developed. Websites have received graphics and CSS to look visually appealing for newer recruits, greater armies have risen and overtaken the former CPA oligopoly, and more people have left and entered the battlefields. These same armies that took the top spots at the established CP Army Central, which has seen a multitude of staff that benefited and brought the site authority, had a sphere of influence over armies. Nachos heard that four smaller armies were invading their capital Fjord to destroy an illegitimate heir to the server, the Iron Fist army. Quickly, their defense of the server became a declaration of war against all small armies after Tanman626, leader of the Nachos, caught wind of the IFA’s allies likely declaring war. The Ice Warriors and clover defenders supported Tanman’s ideas and demonstrated their radical encouragement with statements on their website.

Ice Warriors (except taken from CPA Central’s post here!)

“Some of the points of this war are to teach small and medium armies that you can’t just claim and win a server without notice, and most importantly do not mess with world power armies.”

The idea of bullying smaller armies was unpopular at this time compared to the previous Order 67, and the three armies were criticized heavily over the idea. “Operation Sour”, a successor to Order 67, was then canceled and armies resumed the ongoing warfare.

Again, the idea of Order 67 disappeared and armies continued to thrive. With the rise of Club Penguin and new methods of recruiting/leading being introduced, armies were seeing an all-time high. The Light Troops and Pirates were an army grown to prominence and had a unique leadership unseen by most armies. Light Troops are known today for a very propagandist approach, and the Pirates followed in pursuit as leaders from both armies alternated between both. Waterkid100, a controversial figure in the Club Penguin Army figure, was at the front of the Pirates army during their peak. His work at both CPPA and LT later led to his legend induction at the Light Troops, Pirates, and CP Army Central. One of his ideas that brought him controversy was his very own version of the Order 67. Pungy, Global Defenders leader and head of SM Army Central, made a response to Waterkid’s command in attempts to rally small armies and spread the word.

Hello SMAC,

There’s been a lot of hype lately, about the CPPA declaring war on Small-Medium armies in a plan titled “Order 67.” As the Head of Small-Medium Army Central, I feel it is my duty to inform you of this in a formal announcement. In case you haven’t gotten the message, your army is in danger. Unless Waterkid’s malicious plans are put to an end, there is no way that Small-Medium Armies can survive. Here’s what you can do:

Each Small-Medium Army on it’s own cannot hope to defeat the Pirates, which means, we have to unite and fight the Pirates together. Thankfully, Redd Kool has already put together an alliance, and is mobilizing for war against the Pirates. However, if we are to succeed,  we need as many small-medium armies as possible to join.

Similar to the other occurrence of Order 67, it was met with unpopularity. However, Waterkid didn’t stop it because of the public’s disdain. Air Force, Chaos, Night Divers, and Global Defenders were a few to name under the attack. In attempts to blockade the high waters risen by the Pirates, the Small-Medium Army Alliance (SMAA) was established. Following a few invasions, Waterkid took it to the Pirates site and declared the end of his war on the small-medium army community. In his post on the site, he said,

“I hereby end the war with Small Armies. No, the SMAA Alliance didn’t make me decide this, I had better plans, and I had to end the war with Small Armies. So yeah all invasions on Small Armies capitals are now cancelled, so you guys can party and do whatever you want, and Pirates please remove the Nazi signs from you names. All battles will be replaced with recruiting sessions.”

A propagandist picture used by the SMAA to display their underrated dominance against the Pirates, who’ve taken the top spot and entered warfare against the Army of Club Penguin, led by Kingfunks4.

The Small-Medium Army Alliance may have served their purpose but preserved their website and alliances for future cases where they’re oppressed. Their relevancy exists today, as recently a version of the SMAA has been established but unfortunately has seen armies leave and join newer alliances. The SMAA saw a resurrection following UMA’s suspected Order 67 act. Today, the army community has seen instances where their army is being affected by a few decisions in the league. However, the armies today receive more of a voice than armies that participated without a league. CP Army Central established itself as an authority to reviewing armies and intervening in matters, but haven’t interfered with plans such as Order 66. Today, it is believed that the growth of armies stopped as Club Penguin’s reputation went lower, and the establishment of the Black Ice Alliance emulate the occurrences with the ANTA and the many pacts forming against invasions. It’s possible, but whether it happened depends on what the future has for the Club Penguin army community.

What do YOU think? Is Order 67 as terrible as it seems? Or is the purge of small-medium armies beneficial to the community? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub’s Executive Producer and SM Army Advocate


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  1. I don’t think the s/m purge was beneficial! E5


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