Golden Dilemma: Golden Troops Declare War On Black Order After Coup Crusader Merge

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital – Over the past few days, the Golden Troops have been actively, and successfully, invading land. But their most recent target has seemingly evaded their wrath. But how exactly have they done it?

The Golden Troops appear to have been on a winning streak as of late, successfully invading Red Ravager territory and claiming the server Lucky as their own, but their newest target, the Black Order, escaped at the last minute.  In what was, initially, a scheduled event, the Order was to merge into the Coup Crusaders on August 1st, barring any changes to this agreement.

The Golden Troops, who had been planning to declare war on the Order for the past week, declared war on the BO on Thursday, July 3oth and moved their date of invasion to today, July 31st. However, in response to this, the Black Order immediately merged with the Crusaders on Thursday, causing a large amount of controversy.

The merge itself means that the Black Order are no longer members of the Small-Medium Army Alliance, another organisation which has recently been the subject of debate, as the Crusaders themselves are not members and to merge will be going against the rules of the Alliance.

Merge terms given to Black Order

In their website post, TheMightyA, GT leader, specified the reasons behind wanting to declare war on the BO stating that the Golden Troops are going to prevent the “horrible cheating” committed by former Pirates HCOM from happening again.

He also claimed that due to loopholes within a treaty between the GT and Ice Warriors, the colony of which the Crusaders are apart of, stating that the IW or their colonies cannot invade or assist with invasion against the Golden Troops, the Order will not be able to retaliate with an invasion as they will be part of the CC.

Peace treaty “loophole”.

With all the commotion, GT claimed the merge was invalid and still declared war on BO with these terms:

-Allies/Dual Enlists will be allowed

-No Server Transfers are allowed, every invasion is [LOCKED]

-No multilogging, doxxing, or ddosing of any sort

-No use of IW, CC, or any other soon to be colonizers/armies your soon to be merging into

The Order, however, denied these terms and, with the help of the Crusaders, argued that their merge wasn’t invalid. Unfortunately, as this is an on-going story, this is all CP Army Hub has managed to gather but the turmoil continues. Which direction will it go?

Will the Golden Troops go ahead with their invasion, or will the Coup Crusaders break the rules and help their new troops-in-arms?

What do YOU think? Who will break first? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. Sucks to suck when people don’t read the final rules 🙂


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