Army of Club Penguin Creator Oagalthorp Makes Shocking Return

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Empire – On July 29th, a Discord user that goes by the name “michael/oagal” joined the Army of Club Penguin’s discord. He was later verified by CP Army Legend Shaboomboom to be the real creator of the Army of Club Penguin, Oagalthorp.

CP Army Legend Oagalthorp created the first organized army on the Miniclip forums. This is arguably the beginning of the army community as other armies began to form and battle on the legendary server, Mammoth. He led the Army of Club Penguin longer than any other leader ever back in 2006 when he led from September 29th of that year until April 1st, 2008. There are not many pictures for us to know the size of ACP back in these days — however, there is a YouTube video of a battle between ACP and the Nachos. 

As soon as ‘Michael/Oagal’ joined the Discord, many people thought that he was a fake and just an impersonator. However, he was verified by Boomer20 and Shaboomboom when he used his typical method of speaking to Boomer. Many legends flocked back to the ACP Discord to speak to Oagal and catch up with the veteran after a long time. He even specifically asked about multiple army legends to see if they were still around or not.

He even confirmed that he was the one that wrote the famous Curtain Call post that is still pinned on the original ACP website.

Oagal also spoke a lot about the origin of the Army of Club Penguin and even confirmed that his last battle wasn’t against the Nachos like many people say — it was actually against the Night Warriors!

More things were revealed when Oagalthorp confirmed that his name was actually a misspell and he originally wanted to name himself “Oglethorp.”

Oagal even appeared in the CP Army Hub discord on the 30th but hasn’t spoken there since. Another army he visited is the Rebel Penguin Federation and he was welcomed by many RPF troops. He also spoke briefly about his friendship and history with fellow CP Army Legend and Rebel Penguin Federation creator Commando717.

The Army of Club Penguin held an event to celebrate Oagalthorp, they managed to achieve a size of 38. This event was held on CP Rewritten.

Oagalthorp is regarded by many as the creator of the community and one of the greatest leaders of all time, despite being extremely young when he made his army. Most did not expect him to come back, but he gave the current ACP generation and the community his blessing. CP Army Hub did reach out for an interview with him, but we were unable receive a reply in time. We hope to interview the legend sometime soon!

What do YOU think? Were you surprised to hear about his return? Do you think he’ll last long or disappear like he has done many times in the past? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

2 Responses

  1. The real ogle is back!


  2. That’s not Michael hahahahaha


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