Red Ravagers Get A Celebrity Colony

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravagers Capital – After a long week of battling for one server, the Superstars had found themselves suddenly colonizing under the Red Ravagers. RR had helped tremendously in the Superstars defense, but after losing the server to SWAT, an announcement of this colonization was made.

On August 1st, 2020, Superstars announced the colonization under the Red Ravagers after losing their servers Cozy and Fiesta against Special Weapons And Tactics. After 2 very close battles for the server of Cozy, the first in which Superstars had defended successfully with the assistance from RR and the Doritos. On the other hand, they had unsuccessfully defended Cozy as SWAT invaded their land once again. Following the defense, these two S/M armies with similar statistics come together as RR colonizes the Superstars. In the past few days, the Superstars of CP have made an impressive surge in both tactics and size numbers, where they even reached a max of 27 penguins in a battle with the SWAT this week.

SWAT vs. Superstars in the battle for Cozy.

This week, the Ravagers averaged around 11 penguins per event with a high of 15 penguins in an event on Thursday. This week, the Red Ravagers had a practice battle against the Hold Bugs Army while the Superstars had a few battles against the SWAT. Interestingly enough, Red Ravagers leaders Honda and Maxine, and RR’s 2ic Bri, played a big part in leading the Superstars against SWAT and One Direction Army. Bri and Honda have also contributed towards the Superstars battle plans and army relations.

HBA vs. RR Practice Battle.

Want to learn the reasons behind the colonizing of the Superstars? CP Army Hub fortunate to get an interview with Superstar leader, Kook, and inquired about the new colonization of the Superstars.

Recently you have had a big increase in size. How did you get your size so quickly?

A majority of the members that have been coming in recently are allies. We’ve been close to RR for awhile (one of the best allies and s/m armies in my op), we also joined the small/medium army union in which we’ve been receiving tons of support and aid from PZF and WT in these recent events. We’ve also allied with FP as well as many other armies who have been helping and showing their support. They’ve played a massive role in our size increase and the other leaders and I are extremely grateful for them as well as our own troops.

So there is news that the red ravagers have colonized their superstars. Can you tell me the reason behind this?

Like I said before, we’ve had a close relationship with them and they came to our help while we were in need of it. To be as close to them as we could was a step in the right direction.

What should we expect from the Superstars now?

Superstars will continue as we did before. We don’t want to get involved in any conflicts, unless it’s for standing up with our allies and what we believe in. We aren’t interested in stirring anything up with anyone in the community and we’d like to build a good relationship with the other armies we aren’t allies with. After this busy week of defenses, we’re planning on giving our troops some time to relax and hosting a few small and fun events. We’ll work on recruiting more people and helping our allies with their events after everything they’ve done for us. But who knows? Maybe there’s more that’ll be heading our way and to CPAH. Until then we’ll keep shining bright. Keep an eye out on us, I’m sure you won’t wanna miss seeing us in the near future 😉


Overall, after a long week for the Superstars, this new colonization for them might be the thing that they need in order to grow in success. Since the opening of Red Ravagers, they have maintained a consistent spot on the S/M Top Ten, with this new colonization under them, this may be just what they need to rise up. In the end, Kook had hinted that this wouldn’t be the last we hear from the Superstars, with this in mind, we hope to see them continue with their high numbers and overall great tactics.


What do YOU think? Were you surprised that the Superstars were colonized? How do you think they will adjust to this change? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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