Federation Clash: Rebel Penguin Federation Announce Invasion Against Recon Federation

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – In an unexpected turn of events, the Rebel Penguin Federation have announced that they will be invading the server Yukon after an initial Templars invasion seemingly disappeared. Why the sudden change?

The Templars were set to invade their former capital Yukon, after it was taken from them by the Recon Federation two weeks ago on July 22nd. However, today, August 3rd, the Rebel Penguin Federation leader, Cosmo, announced in the CP Army Hub Discord server that RPF will be invading Yukon instead and set the date to Thursday, August 6th the day after TCP had planned to invade.

Cosmo announcing Yukon invasion.

As this invasion was announced seemingly out of the blue, CP Army Hub spoke with one of RPF’s HCOM, Rebel Commander crazzy. The Army Hub was intrigued to find out why the Penguin Federation had taken over TCP’s invasion:

RPF already had plans to invade Yukon and battle RFCP, but then Xing scheduled an invasion actually right before I was going to. We talked with Xing and the Templars, and agreed that RPF will proceed with the invasion instead.

It appears that RPF had set their sights on Yukon as a possible new addition to their list of current territories. CP Army Hub was interested in her prediction for the invasion

Yeah I assume RPF will successfully claim Yukon from RFCP given our consistent sizes and army cohesion. But I know RFCP will give us a run for our money, they aren’t the ones to give up.

Recognising an opponent’s capabilities is important, it seems that despite the size of the RPF, they are still aware that the Recon Federation won’t give up without a fight. CP Army Hub asked crazzy whether she thought the invasion would spark something bigger between the two armies:

RFCP and RPF always had some kind of rivalry since last summer when we competed under the same roof in CPA. None of it was harsh or extreme, like other enemies they’ve faced in battles, just two armies duking it out. I don’t foresee this being a prolonged issue but I won’t underestimate RFCP’s abilities either.

While this is an invasion of land, it has the possibility to become something bigger. Will that be the case? Finally, CP Army Hub was curious to know whether the Templars would have a chance to retake their former capital:

As of right now, we haven’t discussed any server trade with the Templars if RPF were to successfully invade Yukon. So it’ll remain RPF territory until further notice.

TCP may not be battling RFCP for their old territory but they may not be able to take the easy way out and trade with the Rebel Penguin Federation. Only time will tell.

Closest RPF territories to Yukon – Tuxedo, Crystal, Slippers and Marshmallow.

The change in invaders was shocking news to many, even the leader of the opposing army it seems. Prior Bumble, Recon Federation leader, informed the Hub that he too was unaware of such news. Upon his discovery, CP Army Hub asked for his input on the matter:

Fortitude. On barely our third-week anniversary of existence back in June 2019, RFCP stood against RPF when Queenieliz invaded our only server, Antarctica (CPR), for no reason. Less than 10 RFCP fought to defend. Literally RPF maxed around 60 in comparison. Oppression has always been the game of RPF. We do not fear RPF, we have never feared RPF, we never will bow to RPF, and we will stand with courage as we did that first day.

Prior is certain the Federation won’t back down from the RPF no matter how many troops outnumber them. The Army Hub asked him how the Recon Federation will view the Penguin Federation after the invasion has taken place:

Things are about to change around here. Hear this. Ending this will not be as easy as it was for the BIA to start it.

The threat of RPF doesn’t appear to affect RFCP, going forward they will make sure to carry on this attitude. Finally, CP Army Hub wanted to know if Prior had a message for the Rebels or Templars:

Well, RFCP has done nothing to RPF since our return. Honestly. I have been nothing but kind to Crazzy, and she has done nothing but, what? Target us. Even to the point where RPF is clearly doing the dirty work for the Templars because TCP has no chance against us. Finally, the BIA stands with disgusting behavior. Last time Xing battled RFCP, the whole community saw their toxicity. And supporting it is just as bad as instigating it. My stance is that the BIA is crippling this league. Either end the tyranny, or we will burn it to the ground.

As for what’s next, the Rebels are set to invade on August 6th but, as spoken by Prior, the Recon Federation have made it known that they are ready. Will this be another RPF victory? Or will the RFCP cause an upset to go down in history?

What do YOU think about the upcoming invasion? Who will come out on top? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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