Flippr Army League Accuses Fighter Pilots of Multilogging: Fact or Fiction?

ALPINE, Fighter Pilots Empire – Flying into the new month, Flippr Army League released a post yesterday, August 2nd, accusing the Fighter Pilots of multilogging. With the release of their post, CP Army Hub decided to do some digging.

In the Flippr Army League’s post, the Fighter Pilots were accused of multilogging during their invasion of FAL server Arctic. However, it was not your average troop multilogging — Semi, FP leader, was the accused multilogger. Semi is quoted saying his game crashed, so he used his second account to log back on while his original account stayed on due to the infamous crashing glitch. In spite of Semi’s claims to back up his original statement, FAL embraced their position that he multilogged. The league invalidated FP’s invasion and returned the land to Os Mascarados.

CPAH community viewing the claims as weak

Despite the claims from both sides, many in the army community regarded the argument to be weak. In the FAL article, the author describes the crashing glitch as something that does not happen very often, based on their personal experience. In opposition, many other members detailed their own experiences with the glitch — most often, their penguin stayed online.

So what is the truth? This is the first time an accusation of multilogging surrounded the Fighter Pilots. The army performs excellently on the Army Hub S/M Top Ten — in fact, they reached third this week. Will this accusation ground the pilots? Will it prove wrong and send them flying higher? CP Army Hub reached out to Semi for an interview about it.

When you found out about the FAL post, what was your reaction? Your army’s reaction?

My reaction was mostly frustration, because I wasn’t really able to control what everybody thought and the facts weren’t clear. But thankfully when I talked to Ana and Jenn they completely understood my situation which was a huge relief. I wasn’t frustrated about myself and my own reputation, I was scared about what this would do to FP if one of their leaders was “exposed” as a multilogger.

What really happened? Did you multilog or was it the crashing glitch?

Of course I didn’t multilog. For one, if I would ever multilog, I wouldn’t do it for a free land invasion lmao. What really happened was my pc crashed, but when that happens you can’t move your penguin, so I had to move to my phone to play on cparmies. The only time that my crashed penguin had moved was after my pc was working again, so I could get out of form and out of the uniform, and log off. I have a pc that crashes frequently, many can back me up on that, so in hindsight I should just use a more reliable computer.

How do you think this incident is going to affect Fighter Pilots?

It really depends how the everyone reacts. I already know that our allies and others know that I didn’t multilog, and I trust that people will be good and realize how stupid this accusation is and get the situation. As long as people know the truth, we’ll be okay, Fighter Pilots will get through this.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Don’t exploit a situation for website views. Give out the truth, even if you can’t make a post about it.

With the Flippr Army League nulling their invasion, the Fighter Pilots have some work to do! In addition to their lost invasion, they now have a multilogging claim following them. Where will they go from here?

What do YOU think? Will the claims force the pilots to crash? Will they soar higher? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Vice President

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  1. Great post Vice President Cassie! 🙂


  2. what an awk situation


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