Attai Appointed Commander in Chief of People’s Imperial Confederation

DEEP FREEZE, People’s Imperial Confederation’s Empire –  Earlier today, the People’s Imperial Confederation appointed Attai, otherwise known as Rowan Alden, to Commander in Chief following his return to the army.

In the People’s Imperial Confederation discord server this afternoon, an announcement was made with a link to an article on their website. The article saw the promotion of Attai to PIC leader along with current leaders Emma and Sidie. You can read about it here. In the article, Sidie stated that Attai “has reignited a passion within many of us to march on into a future with light in the horizon.”

Attai appointed to Commander in Chief of PIC

Attai is appointed to Commander in Chief of the PIC in their recent website post.

Attai, formerly known as Annon, initially joined armies in 2018 while working on the CP Armies wiki, which he now co-owns with Flen. During his career with the Recon Federation of Club Penguin in late 2019, he went by Rowan Alden. Then, under the name of Attai, he joined PIC in April of 2020 and became their UK head-of-division and third-in-command. By June, however, Attai no longer felt like he could no longer invest as much time in PIC due to school and other commitments, leading to his retirement.

PIC Event

A PIC event that Attai/Rowan Alden led as UK head-of-division.

However, now in August of 2020, we see he has made a shining return to his beloved army. CP Army Hub reached out to Attai for an exclusive interview on his thoughts since coming back to PIC as a leader.

Interview Section

How do you feel about your promotion to PIC leader?

Well when Jemma asked me about it, I was really surprised! We were on voice call at the time with some friends, I was very flattered.

What factors influenced your return to the PIC?

1. School work has started to let up, so I have more time to put into other stuff.
2. I felt bad about just leaving PIC out of nowhere, I wanted to help with rebuilding PIC in some way.

What plans do you have for the PIC and what are you looking forward to implementing?

We’re hoping to rebuild our numbers by recruiting. Things have changed since PIC went inactive and there are more alternatives to recruiting on the anti-armies CPR, so we hope to find systems that work there. I’m hoping to be able to create a safe, fun, relatively chill environment for people to be able to enjoy the fun of armies without the toxicity that there can be sometimes.

Sounds great! Any last thoughts or comments?

I’m optimistic that PIC can rebuild and reach the maxes we managed in the past, and beyond.

Since facing defeat and the subsequent scandals that arose from CP Army Media’s Challengers Cup, the Confederation has struggled through a massive recession. However, new leader Attai is optimistic in bringing the army back to its former glory. But how will he fare?

What do YOU think? Will the People’s Imperial Confederation bounce back from their period of inactivity, or will they hopelessly spiral back into a crisis despite their best efforts? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below.


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee



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  1. Great first post sophie! We would love to see more from you.


  2. Congratulations on your first report, and it’s so awesome!


  3. Also, congrats to Attai!


  4. Way to go buddy. 🙂


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