Spill the Tea! with Chief Executive Officer Pookie437

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Spill the Tea Office – The Spill the Tea Team is proud to present the first edition of Spill the Tea with host Vice President Cassie and this week’s guest, Chief Executive Officer Pookie437!

Welcome to Spill the Tea! In this series, I interview members of CP Army Hub staff and get all the gossip about their time here, their army history, and their opinions on just about everything important.

Before we start on our interview, let’s shoutout last week’s winner of The Weekly Army Hub Trivia™️: Jaime! Congratulations on being the latest winner of TWAHT™️!

Now, who are we interviewing? That’s a great question, definitely not exposed by the introduction or the title. To kick off the brand-new column, Spill the Tea! welcomes the man himself: CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer Pookie437!

One of Cassie’s 20 alts and CEO Pookie437!

Pookie is well-known through the CP Army Hub community, always glowing red in the Discord chat and joking with just about everyone — but where did he come from? What servers on the map has he edited traveled to? Let’s find out in an interview only edited for grammar purposes!

Hi Pookie and welcome to Spill the Tea! Can you introduce yourself to CPAH?

What up fellas, it’s ya boy. I’m sure you know me by now but I run some news site thing with some other cool people.

Alright “ya boy,” how did you get your start in armies and news sites?

Back in the distant year of 2013, some dude was autotyping in the town advertising some rebel group. After joining this rebel group, I stuck around till late 2014 then completely forgot about it. One late March night last year, I remembered the whole army thing and rejoined it. Time passed and stuff happened, and Emcee invited me to be the Vice President of Club Penguin Army Media around February of this year, giving me my first experience working for a news site.

A “Rebel Group” — there’s a few of those. Were you ever in any other armies?

Back during my original run in armies I was in Golds, IW, and Arctic Ops for a bit, but never really took them seriously. My main army at the time was always RPF. I recently joined DCP for two months and even led for a bit so that’s cool.

You’ve been in armies for a while. Did you expect to come back and stay as long as you have? I certainly didn’t expect you to become CEO of a news site when I first met you!

When I rejoined armies, I figured I’d be riding into the sunset a lot sooner and could’ve never expected still being here. I made some solid connections my first weeks back and I think that’s been a big part of me staying for as long as I have.

I’m glad to hear that and I know I’m not the only one glad you stayed! Are there any funny stories you can think of since your return?

Here’s a funny one: so me, Emcee, Cassie, and Koloway are sitting in a voice chat. The chat is silent for a bit and then out of nowhere Kolo screams “MY LUNCHABLE! F[insert expletive here]!” I asked him about it recently and it turns out that he had a pizza Lunchable that fell on the floor.

Hey I’m one of those people! So, you’re known for your ever-changing profile picture of your wonderful dog, Lady. How do you get all those edits of her? Are there any you’d like to request from CPAH readers?

I get edits of her by shamelessly asking everyone to make funny edits of her. Speaking of shamelessly asking everyone to make funny edits of her, I’d like to take this time to shamelessly ask everyone to make funny edits of her.

That sure sounds shameless. Do you have any favorites of the ones you’ve used?

Sans Lady and sassy Lady are definitely two of my favorites.
[insert pics]

Sans Lady

Sassy Lady

I made sassy Lady using Paint3D thank you for the ego boost. In addition to your wonderful profile pictures, you also have a status that never changes, saying you’re playing Minecraft. What other games do you play and are you actually playing Minecraft?

Usually most of my time is spent slaving away waddling around and meeting new friends, but when I’m not doing that I like to play some games like Portal 2, Team Fortress 2, the Binding of Isaac, and One Finger Death Punch just to name a few. In regards to Minecraft, I guess that will always remain a mystery…

Well, I tried. We’ll never know. When you aren’t being a gamer, you’re usually doing CPAH business. What are some of your duties as CEO?

My duties usually consist of planning army representative meetings, waking up to 158 dms, crying myself to sleep, and putting a gun to Zamb’s head for graphics.

That sounds… awful exciting, to say the least! Despite all that, you’re still here and kicking butt as an awesome CEO. If you weren’t CEO, what would you be up to instead?

I’d probably be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company if I wasn’t chained to the shackles that are armies. This is a cry for help, please help me I am not joking.

You’re so funny, Pookie! How do you come up with all these jokes?

shut up

Oh. Well. Moving right along! Let’s get to the dirt — who is your least favorite member of staff?

You. Next question.

I can’t say I’m shocked. Anyway, away from armies — what’s your favorite food and why? Very important question.

Burgers are good, medium or medium rare are the only ways you’re allowed to get it. I like burger because burger good.

Please cook your meat. I don’t agree with you so I’m gonna change the topic. Do you have a favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “Please cook your meat. I don’t agree with you so I’m gonna change the topic. Do you have a favorite quote?”

I’m never interviewing you again.




Yeah, this is done. One last question: Coffee or tea?



… I- okay. Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap this up?

That’s all I wanna add
Just the picture
Just put the picture

Interviewer’s Note: And then I DIDN’T.

Always a pleasure, Pookie!

As a Chief Executive Officer, Pookie has a ton of responsibilities under his belt. His hard work does not go unnoticed! The STT team thanks Pookie for his interview and wishes him a happy week, but only if he refuses a medium/medium-rare burger. Tune in for next week’s Spill the Tea with yet another CP Army Hub staff member!

What do YOU think of our CEO and his choices in games, drinks, and least favorite staff members? Who do YOU want to see interviewed next? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Vice President


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  1. lmfao


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  3. Great start Cassie, and Pookie, bro, you certainly need to learn to be more funny when you are being interviewed. Dm me or Lucifer for some classes.


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