SWAT Leader Hiroyuki Steps Down; Sammi Returns To Leadership

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire – Since their reopening, SWAT has been actively involved in the community. Most recently, they scheduled and won several invasions against the Superstars. They even earned a spot in this week’s Top Ten . Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. SWAT Commander Hiroyuki has decided to step down from his position. Former SWAT Commander and Fire Warriors leader Sammi, who had already returned to lead SWAT again will now occupy the void left by him.

Hiroyuki’s retirement was announced on SWAT‘s Discord server in a lengthy post that was published on their website.The post also included several images of the joyful moments spent in SWAT. Here is an excerpt from his post.

Today is my day sadly. I want SWAT to live to be the strongest. Don’t get me wrong, I love the community but I’m not hooked with Club Penguin anymore. So I’m going to be an Advisor and help with the server. I will still be participating in some events. I will take this as a break. Sadly , Club Penguin drama doesn’t help with real life things. I have a lot to think and to do now. Don’t be sad this is not my end in this community. I will forever be with SWAT till the day i die. There’s a chance that I will return to the leadership. Also in some time it will be my last year in High School and I want to make the most of it and have fun! This community has been awesome and it still is.

After explaining his reasons for retirement, he went on to share his memories of the events that he enjoyed participating in, a few inside jokes with his friends at SWAT. He concluded his post hinting at a possible return in 2024.

Hiroyuki’s first event,  SWAT defense of Permafrost – April 2020

Hiroyuki began his army career a few months ago, after being recruited from Club Penguin Online. Throughout his career, SWAT was his main army. He quickly settled in and gave his best for the army. Hiro’s dedication, positivity and ingenuity soon earned him his promotion to SWAT commander. He has led alongside many dedicated commanders such as Sophie and Sammi.

SWAT has been striving in the community, with them invading Superstars territory and hosting lots of training events. They even managed to place sixth on the recent Top Ten Armies list.

Recent SWAT AUSIA event – Aug 2020

Before Hiro headed off to retirement island, CP Army hub reached out to him to hear his thoughts on his retirement.


How do feel about retiring from SWAT?

I’m not sure, it was hard at first but I realised I still need to learn things and that I need to spend more of my time irl. Also I want to have fun and with all the dramas happening and all the responsibilities of a leader,  I wasn’t having that much fun.

Is there a chance you will return to SWAT in the future?

I think that’s a hard question to answer. I really want to lead SWAT again but it will depend on my real life situations and my future life. This is the stage of my life where I choose where I want to go in life and now I have even more responsibilities. So I think I have to make it balanced.

Do you think SWAT will be in good hands without you?

Yeah, for real I think they will succeed and move on. But I’ll still be there in the background and help them.

Meanwhile, former SWAT leader Sammi has decided to return to the leadership. She has been involved in the army community since early March of this year. Less than a month before, she had stepped down from the leadership and had started leading the Fire Warriors alongside former SWAT leaders Sweater and xfastx. However, she has decided to lead SWAT again.

CP Army Hub was able to receive a statement from her regarding her thoughts returning to leadership. She mentions:

It feels great to be back in leadership after a short break to focus on myself for a bit. It didn’t feel like a complete break as I was able to assist with things behind the scenes and watch people step up to get the job done. I look forward to see the growth of SWAT and the community.

Hiroyuki’s contributions to SWAT were ones that allowed them to show their dominance in the community. Although he may be stepping down, he can keep helping the army as an advisor. Former leader Sammi’s addition to the current leadership of SWAT Legends Ganger90 and Oli, as well as veterans Coolguy and Aubz, will ensure they won’t falter anytime soon.

What do YOU think? Will SWAT climb their way to the top with Sammi back in charge? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. It’s great to see sammi back at it again!


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