What Would You Do: Immoral Behavior

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, leaders were asked what they would do if their troops were displaying immoral behavior, such as homophobia and racism.

A lot of users may display certain behavior because, in an online community, there are virtually no consequences to most of our actions. On the other hand, despite the lack of serious action in a user’s ‘real-life situation’, there are consequences to negative and immoral behavior in the online community. Behavior that includes racism or homophobia is something that is very serious, likely because the army community is very open to all members regardless. A majority of this behavior will result in a kick or ban from the moderators of the server, but some leaders may have different plans set in place to handle these situations.

The leaders were asked the following:

What would you do if you witnessed immoral behavior, such as homophobia or racism, from your troops?

Prior Bumble, Recon Federation of CP’s Leader

If it’s not a troll/brand new recruit/wildly disgusting (ban hammer!), I first delete the offensive message. Often this is followed by a mute. Then I approach the soldier in DMs and ask if they understand why their behavior was inappropriate. Depending on how bad it was, an apology and punishment will follow. If toxicity is part of an ongoing feud between two soldiers, we take a different approach. At RFCP, we have something called Officer Mediation. Any soldier can request a mediation with another soldier they can’t get along with while an Officer mediates. Sometimes we might make these mandatory. We are a big family, and sometimes families fight. Overall, we want kindness and happiness here and don’t stand for hatred.

CSY, Army of CP’s Leader

It would depend on the situation really – if it was part of a raid (which we have encountered before, with people mass joining and spamming racist slurs), we would just proceed to ban. However, if it was a regular troop who’s normally amicable, we’d reach out to figure out what was happening, or explain to them why a certain phrase is racist/homophobic, and proceed from there. Obviously, if we do find that a certain troop has such tendencies and are resistant to understanding why it might be offensive to certain groups, and/or refuse to rectify their behavior, we may have to take further action such as mutes/bans.

Alex, Ice Warriors’ Leader

Homophobia, racism, or discrimination of any kind is not allowed within the Ice Warriors server. If I witnessed it happening in our chat I would immediately mute the troop so they could not continue saying offensive things, and DM them about how their behavior is unacceptable. Depending on the severity of the situation from there, I would either give them a one-time warning that this type of immoral behavior is not allowed and have them review our server rules, or if it was a repeat-offense it would result in a ban from the server. The leadership team wants to make sure that IW is a safe place for everyone to have fun and chat together.

Amber, Silver Empire’s Leader

If I witnessed immoral behavior such as what you listed, I would first and foremost remind said troops of the rules and that this type of behavior is not tolerated, nor welcome in SE. If the behavior persists, it would call for removal from the army, because we like to keep a safe and positive environment for everyone to feel welcome in.

Tistle, Help Force’s Leader

Straight up ban. It should always be like that in every army and every community online. Racism and homophobia have no place in this world and those responsible for it should not be allowed near communities like ours or anyone else’s at all. Both of these, alongside sexism and hate messages of any description are all at the top of our rules list that members should not break. Discord communities should not be hostile and transmitting any of these messages, but a haven for anyone who wishes to get away from their real life for a short time to socialize, not to be hated upon by unknown internet predators.

Dino, Romans’ Leader

We’re a very libertarian and laid back group. We allow anyone of any belief no matter what. Many of our vets come from og cpa and other groups (I.e. UMA), so we have edgy ties within our army. However, again, we don’t banish people for their beliefs. We’ll only punish harassment with message deletion and warnings. Otherwise we do not care where you stand or what you believe.


Overall, it is prevalent that at the end of the day, this behavior isn’t tolerated in any of the servers. Most leaders even mentioned discussing with the users about what they did wrong and why, as this can be helpful to the younger individuals in the community who may not know right from wrong. In conclusion, the leaders most certainly know how to handle these situations and these kinds of immoral behavior most likely will not be evident in their servers.


This begs the final question…

If your troops were displaying immoral behavior, what would YOU do?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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