Ash Promoted To Coup Crusaders Leader

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusaders Empire – Earlier today, the Coup Crusaders saw the promotion of their leader-in-training, Ash to a full-time commander.

News broke out today in the Coup Crusaders that Ash was inducted as their newest leader. Leader Erick09 made an announcement on their discord server linking an article on their website, which you can read here. In the article, Coup Crusader’s current leadership congratulated Ash on her promotion to leader and cited her dedication and hard work to be the reason she earned this rank.

Ash Promoted to Leader

Coolguy and the CC leadership applaud Ash for her commitment to the Coup Crusaders.

Ash first joined armies back in the spring of 2020. She was recruited on Club Penguin Online and fell in love with the Golds Empire and their community. After the Golds merger with the Ice Warriors, Ash joined the Galactic Empire, where she met Toxic Storm and Myth, both of whom were in Coup Crusaders at that point. From there, CC offered her leader-in-training if she ever decided to leave the Galactic Empire. When Ash finally left, she knew the Coup Crusaders was where she wanted to go.

Ash Thank You Speech

Ash thanks Coup Crusaders for her promotion.

It is clear to see that Ash has fared well in her new army. CP Army Hub reached out to Ash for an exclusive interview about her promotion.

Interview Section

How do you feel about your promotion to Coup Crusaders’ leader?

Honestly, I’m so honored to have finally worked my way up to this point! I know I’m a lot newer to the army scene than most of my fellow leaders, but I’ve worked really hard to get here and I constantly push towards improvement. It’s nice to see all my hard work acknowledged, and I’m so honored that the rest of CC HCOM believes that I am ready & capable of fulfilling such an important role- that is, the role of Commander!

Awesome! What do you want to contribute to the army, and do you have any plans for the Coup Crusaders?

Well, as many are well aware by now, CC is a colony of the Ice Warriors. As someone who mains CC, my goal as a Commander is to make the voices of other CC Mains heard. I want to prove to the rest of CPAH that our army is strong & independent, and that we are anything BUT a “proxy”. We’re a powerful army in our own right! I also plan to continue VC Leading as usual.

As for my future plans for CC, all that I’m willing to share right now is that Coup Crusaders is ready to bounce back- and we’re coming for the majors.

How do you think things will look for CC in the future?

I think in the future, CC will be a healthy mix of CC troops and our colonizers. We’ll have our well-desereved spot among the majors, and of course, we’re going to paint the map pink! I definitely see a very bright future ahead of us.

Sounds great! Any last thoughts or comments?

I just wanna thank everyone whose helped me along this journey. My fellow Golds refugees understand just how hard it was when it shut down, and although many of us have gone our separate ways, I will never forget the memories we made. I would like to thank all the leaders & advisors in every army I’ve ever been in, every ally I’ve had the honor of fighting next to, and of course, the CC HCOM for bringing me here, to the army I proudly call home.

Despite their disqualification from the Beach Brawl Tournament, the Crusaders seem to be looking ahead brightly with their recent promotion of Ash to commander. But how will she fare? Will Ash be their key to success or the harbinger to their demise?

What do YOU think? Will Ash lead the Coup Crusaders to a new age of glory? Or will the Coup Crusaders be doomed to repeat their Beach Brawl mishaps? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below. 


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee




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