The Special Weapons and Tactics Journey To Major

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire – Last week, we saw some new arrivals in the Top Ten. The most notable of these was the S/M powerhouse army, Special Weapons and Tactics. How did they pull off this drastic rise?

This week, Special Weapons and Tactics made their way up to sixth position on the Top Ten rankings. Their rise was the result of an extremely active week.

From July 26th to August 1st, SWAT was busy building, training, and growing. They started the week with a training session on July 26th where they maxed 20.


SWAT’s training event on July 26th.

The Special Weapons and Tactics’ next event was their Ausia invasion of Fiesta against the Superstars of CP on July 28th. They maxed 23 and won the battle without much effort. It was a clean 3-0 sweep, thereby adding the server Fiesta to SWAT’s empire.

SWAT Fiesta

SWAT successfully invading Fiesta from the Superstars on July 28th.

Fiesta Results

The judges deemed the battle a 3-0 victory for SWAT.

Not content with just one server, SWAT continued on their rampage against the Superstars. They scheduled an invasion of Cozy immediately after they snagged Fiesta. On the 29th, they logged on to CP Armies prepared to battle and maxed 29. Unfortunately, due to issues with repeatedly going down, the invasion had to be postponed to another day.

SWAT Cozy 1

SWAT maxed 29 in their first attempt at invading Cozy–one of their highest ever maxes at this point.

Despite the previous technical difficulties, the Special Weapons and Tactics refused to back down. They rescheduled the invasion for Cozy to July 31st at 3 am EST, making it another Ausia invasion. Again, a total of 29 penguins logged on for SWAT. However, after a super close and adrenaline-pumping battle, the Superstars ultimately succeeded in defending Cozy.

SWAT Cozy 2

SWAT maxing 29 in their rescheduled invasion of Cozy.

Cozy Verdict

The judges deemed that the Superstars successfully defended Cozy.

Nevertheless, SWAT wasn’t ready to give up and promptly followed up with yet another invasion of Cozy, scheduled for August 1st. This time, they went after the Superstars with full force, maxing a jaw-dropping 39 penguins. Despite the Superstars’ best efforts to rally their allies, SWAT won this battle and successfully invaded Cozy. Cozy was the Superstars’ last piece of land after transferring Sparkle to the Water Vikings, therefore ending SWAT’s continuous invasions against them.

SWAT Cozy 3

The Special Weapons and Tactics’ last invasion of Cozy.

SWAT Cozy 3.5

Cozy Verdict 2

The judges’ verdict for SWAT’s final invasion of Cozy.

All in all, the Special Weapons and Tactics had an eventful week. They hosted one practice event, four invasions, and won two servers from the Superstars. This reflects in their high event quality score, as well as their significant size points. Combined with their impressive tactics score, they came to a total of 58.88 points. Consequentially, SWAT won sixth place on the Top Ten.

SWAT Score

The point calculations for the Top Ten.

Considering that they ranked 5th in the S/M Top Ten, making it to a middle spot in the major army Top Ten list is no small feat.  CP Army Hub reached out to the SWAT leaders and HCOM for some of their thoughts on making it to the big leagues.

Interview Section

Leader Interviews

What are your thoughts on SWAT making it to major top ten?

Oli: Overall, I feel great. It’s good to be back in SWAT and then to have us hitting the major top ten is amazing.

Ganger90: First I just wanna say I’m very proud of our amazing leaders, HCOM, and staff members for making it all possible and being loyal to us. It’s good to be back.

Coolguy: It’s something we’ve been aiming for and it’s AMAZING to achieve. SWAT has had its ups and downs, maxing 30+ to 12, both at different times. This was a time when SWAT was falling and it was hard to watch. When I became leader, one thing I wanted to do is make changes to boost us more and I wanted SWAT to steadily rise in size which is something we’ve been doing thanks to all the leaders, staff and troops. It’s a fulfilling thing to see.

Sammi: It’s very exciting to see, because that’s exactly where SWAT belongs. Glad it was able to make its way back to the top where it should be.

Why do you think SWAT has grown so much?

Oli: It’s been a collective effort from our great leaders to our newest recruits. We have really singled out everyone’s specific strengths and put them to work in the best ways possible.

Ganger90: Our team puts in a lot of hard work and they’re dedicated. We have amazing troops here that get the job done as well.

Coolguy: While it may not have been one of SWAT’s best feats, I think the invasions helped us a lot. We were gaining more troops daily and with each invasion, nerves and excitement were flowing through each and every individual troop. I hate to say it but it seems the SWAT troops like action. Besides that, the recruiting system is on point, getting in many members daily. Also, we have our leadership doing their best to make sure everything is perfect, encouraging troops etc.

Sammi: SWAT’s been through a lot of ups and downs and was able to fight through all of those challenges. Becoming major is a great incentive for the hard work that people put into this army.

HCOM Interviews

How do you feel about SWAT hitting major?

WTZWBlaze, Leader In Training: I haven’t been with the army community for very long, but I have been working on and off with SWAT for most of the time. I know the difficulties they went through when Club Penguin Online closed, and I’m so proud to see how high they’ve climbed since. SWAT is such a fantastic community, and I believe they deserve every ounce of success they’ve received.

Mare, Second In Command: It’s pretty exciting to see SWAT hitting major once again. I’m thrilled for the future of SWAT and currently we have some amazing leaders. SWAT was my first army so seeing it go back to the top makes me happy.

Kaliee, Second In Command: Everyone’s been working really hard to rebuild everything after what had happenned with the past couple SWAT revivals. I’m really happy to see everyone still around and seeing our size start to go back to how it was when I first joined. It has been really stressful but we’re all thankful for everyone that has helped us!

It’s clear that the Special Weapons and Tactics had a fantastic week. Everyone’s morale is running high, especially as former leader Sammi returns as a full time leader again (read about it here). The question is, how will they fare in the future? Was their #6 ranking just a coincidence, or will this be the dawn of a new era of glory for SWAT?

What do YOU think? Will SWAT continue their remarkable winning streak and rise even higher? Or will they ultimately crash and burn in the future? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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  1. Another great post!


  2. this army was always major, at least in my heart


  3. SWAT is doing bits! Hope they continue this rise!


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