PINK Retires From Romans Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Roman Empire – After the recent revival of the Romans with a few new and old leaders, one of its first leadership changes has occurred. Leader PINK announced her retirement from the army not long ago.

Before joining the Romans leadership in 2020, PINK began her army career in August 2019. She first joined Help Force but later joined the Crimson Guardians and became a moderator. After her time in Crimson Guardians, she began leading an army called Mayhem, the second generation of the Chaos Army, alongside Conor and Brad. PINK joined the Ice Warriors for Third In Command after her tenure in Mayhem. She later joined the Redemption Force and became one of their second-in-commands. After leaving RF, she then recreated and lead an army, the Golds Empire, alongside Bay. When the Romans announced their revival in late July, PINK jumped at the chance to become a leader.

Despite her abundance of experience in armies, PINK’s retirement was announced in the Romans server on August 5th. Although her retirement from armies is a loss to the community, she plans to remain in CP Army Hub as an associate producer.

PINK’s retirement announced in Romans

CP Army Hub was able to catch an exclusive interview with PINK to learn more about her retirement.

How do you feel about retiring from the Romans?

Honestly, I initially felt terrible for having to leave. I tend to put a lot on myself in-real-life and in armies and shouldn’t have taken on Romans. Everyone was understanding though, so I’m simply relieved now!

With your departure, how do you feel the Romans will perform without you as their leader?

Well, Romans have already been doing well. They have two leaders along with several advisors to help out. There are many plans in order, so much is yet to be implemented. Although I do really want to be there to help with it all, I’ll stick to advising for the remainder of my “career.”

What do you see in the future of the Romans?

As said above, there are many plans in store for Romans. So far we’ve won every practice battle and a major S/M army will come from them soon enough!

PINK is excited to be helping out Romans as much as she can without having the extra responsibilities that come with being a leader. Despite her well-respected decision to step down, it is clear the army will miss her leadership.


What do YOU think? Will the Romans continue to reach new levels without PINK as their leader? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!



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  1. I wish PINK all the luck for her future endeavors!


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