Rebel Penguin Federation Issues Statement Regarding Recent LGA Actions

UPDATE: In response to RPF’s “Lemons are Better” article, LGA has released their own post which can be read here.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Tensions escalate as the Rebel Penguin Federation releases a statement breaking off their alliance with the Lime Green Army. WARNING: Graphic and mature content ahead.

Recently, the Rebel Penguin Federation published an article on their website explaining their decision to end their brother alliance with the Lime Green Army.  The statement, titled “Lemons are Better” (read it here), went into detail about LGA’s actions against RPF. This included LGA denying that RPF helped them after former Rebel Commander Ultipenguinj retired, despite substantial photographic evidence proving otherwise.

Rebel Penguin Federation helps LGA

Rebel Penguin Federation helps LGA 2

The Rebel Penguin Federation assisting LGA when DW scheduled invasions against LGA.

Moreover, RPF pointed out that LGA chose to ally with RPF’s enemies, the Doritos of Club Penguin. Disregarding their brother alliance with RPF, the Greens joined the New Dawn Alliance alongside DCP to fight against the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, who are RPF’s brother allies. However, the alliance did not last long. LGA immediately pulled out once RPF made the Black Ice Alliance (IW, RPF, DW) public. Nevertheless, RPF noted these actions.

Most notably, RPF was distraught that LGA would ally with the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. RPF issued the following response regarding LGA’s alliance with the RFCP:

In addition to this, LGA has recently become close allies with RFCP, an infamous army whose leader has shown inappropriate behaviour in both public and private domains. LGA, former enemies of RFCP, allied with them despite all the known evidence against RFCP about how sick of a community it is.

RPF then proceeded to provide disturbing evidence regarding RFCP’s controversies.

WARNING: The following content is mature and not suitable for all audiences:

Evidence against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin

Prior Bumble

Taken from RPF’s article, this screenshot allegedly depicts Prior Bumble, leader of RFCP, messaging suggestive content to a twelve year old.

Prior Bumble 2

Prior Bumble 3

According to RPF’s article, these are sexual gatherings between RFCP troops and their leader Prior Bumble. It is claimed that many of the troops are minors.

Prior Bumble 4

A screenshot of a disturbing conversation in RFCP’s main chat, in which it is said that underaged troops took part in.

After distributing the evidence, RPF stated the following:

We could go on and on about the disgusting actions of RFCP leader, but there are already tons of posts outlining that. This isn’t even the worst of it, just the scratched surface. You get the idea of just how sick the RFCP really is. It’s humiliating to see that LGA has descended down to a level at which they have to ally with such a disgraceful army.
If you’d like to read more about RFCP’s sickening actions, here‘s a story that was covered by the CPAM now known as CPAH which goes deeper into the RFCP community and exposes them.

RPF’s final complaint was that LGA put the interests of RFCP before that of RPF’s. Instead of staying neutral when RPF decided to invade RFCP, LGA transferred a server to RFCP. Because they now had two pieces of land, rather than one, this prevented RPF from force treating RFCP after they successfully invaded their server Yukon.

LGA Transfer

LGA transferring a server to RFCP.

In a final statement, RPF concluded the following:

RPF doesn’t feel comfortable by LGA’s current actions that include: Claiming that RPF doesn’t help them at all. Allying with our enemy DCP, and allying with an army known to be exploitative of minors.

Looking at all of this, from this day on, RPF and LGA are no longer allies. 

CP Army Hub reached out to the Rebel Penguin Federation and was able to get a quick statement from RPF leader Crazzy regarding the breakage of this alliance. We also got an interview from LGA leader DMT in response to RPF’s actions.

Interview Section

Interview with Crazzy

Does RPF have any plans to respond to LGA other than breaking off the alliance?

As of right now, no. There’s no bad blood from RPF’s side, they were our closest allies from the post CP era. Despite breaking off the alliance, they aren’t on our list of enemies. They’re considered neutral in our army affairs.

Do you have any other thoughts or comments on this whole situation?

Despite the differences both armies have had in the past few weeks, our leadership still respects LGA. Our paths might cross again one day, regarding an alliance, but based on recent events Cosmo and I had to take action against what we were faced with. We appreciate the memories we’ve made together in the past year, and wish LGA luck in future endeavors.

From there, CP Army Hub also reached out to Lime Green Army leader DMT, who was able to offer us his thoughts on these shocking turn of events.

Interview with DMT

What are your thoughts on RPF’s article “Lemons are Better”?

I’ve already spoken with RPF leader Crazzy, and I’m a bit disappointed our troubles have gone public. We had been having close conversations the past couple of days, and I had a heart-to-heart with Crazzy, stepping away from the biases that bound me to my army. So it was surprising to have someone send me a post saying “lemons are better” only a day after a good conversation that gave me the impression that LGA and RPF were on good enough terms.

What response is LGA planning to take?

Nothing. We respect RPFs decision and understand why they did that. We are just disappointed the dirty laundry between us has been aired.

Will this affect LGA’s relations with RFCP in any way?

LGA will continue to honor it’s alliance with RFCP and do what is possible to help them in times of need.

Despite the Rebel Penguin Federation ending their alliance with the Lime Green Army, there seems to be no ill will from RPF. The question remains – will this tension soon escalate? Or will LGA and RPF stay on good terms?

Let us know what YOU think. What will happen in the future for RPF and LGA? Will they reconcile, stay neutral, or end up facing each other on the battlefield? Leave a comment down below with YOUR thoughts!


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