Beach Brawl: Grand Final Predictions

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — The highly anticipated Beach Brawl final will see the Pizza Federation and Lime Green Army fight for the trophy… but who will come out on top?

Last weekend saw the semi-final battles of the exciting Beach Brawl, with the Coup Crusaders and Pizza Federation advancing into the grand finals. However, an investigation that uncovered dual enlistment saw the Coup Crusaders disqualified from the battle. Due to this, the Lime Green Army will instead be advancing in their stead (click here for the times). Who will take home the Beach Brawl trophy? And who are the CP Army Hub editors placing bets on?

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Pizza Federation vs. Lime Green Army

The Pizza Federation have experienced a fantastic winning streak in the tournament so far, first taking a 3-0 victory against the Fighter Pilots in round one. Round two saw a trickier battle against the Marines, in which they won with a score of 1-0-2 and size of 20 Chefs. The semi-final battle against the Silver Empire also proved eventful, and they won following an overtime room.

The Pizza Federation in their semi-final battle.

On the other hand, the Lime Green Army have experienced a more dramatic journey to the Beach Brawl finals. They first defeated the Golden Troops in round one, with a fantastic size of 19 penguins. From here, they advanced into the second round and were originally defeated by the Army of the Orient Seas. However, a disqualification of the AOS saw them fight the Red Ravagers in a round two rematch. They won this battle with ease, taking home a 2-0-1 score. However, a similar story occurred in the semi-final round, when they lost to the Coup Crusaders but a disqualification yet again saw them advance, this time to the grand finals.

Semi-Finals: Lime Green Army vs. Coup Crusaders

The Limes placed 9th on the major Top Ten Armies last weekend, significantly higher than the Pizza Federation, who were 14th on the small-medium listings. The staff predictions are split almost equally, with five people in favour of the Limes, and the other four voting for a Pizza Federation victory. There is no doubt this battle will be close, and the victory could swing either way. Only time will tell as to which army will lift the trophy.


LuciferStar, Chief-Executive-Officer: Lime Green Army

Max, Executive Producer: Pizza Federation

Zamb, Executive Producer: Lime Green Army

Cassie, Vice President: Lime Green Army

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Pizza Federation

Robot, Editor-in-Chief: Pizza Federation

AustinFraud, Associate Producer: Lime Green Army

Scorpion Demon, Associate Producer: Lime Green Army

Sheo, Associate Producer: Pizza Federation

With the grand final battle taking place this weekend, there is no doubt it is going to be a huge happening in the army community. But which of the staff got it right? And what do you think?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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  1. Good luck to both the armies!


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