Behind the Lens: How The Pirates Walked Their Own Plank

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters, Boiler Room – Since last week’s edition on the recurring plans to eradicate small-medium armies, today’s edition is a shorter, yet more recent archive. The Pirates are an army dating back as far as 2007.  Previously, the Pirates effortlessly maxed 100+ with all hands on deck, but as the private server shut down, the former Jolly Roger became shark bait. How did the Pirates fall after Club Penguin Online’s shutdown?

For Round 2 of the anticipated Legends Cup X, both administrations of CP Army Media and the CP Army League submitted their predictions. Despite the Pirates being a unanimous favorite, little did they know what the outcome would be.

Bid Now first banded the Pirates of Club Penguin in 2007 and has seen the tides turn in his favor since it’s formation. Towards the beginning, the crew struggled to max past 10 penguins but leadership changes resulted in drastically bigger sizes. The army soon entered into conflict with the Golds Empire, but with the additions of Whaleoil, Hussam, and Coolster114 to the ranks, the Pirates ensured their victory. Unfortunately, Bid Now saw a greater opportunity at the Golds and left his creation defaced, ending the first generation. For some time, the former Pirates saw failed and short-lived generations, and the army was doomed to become a ghost ship. Fortunately, the army was able to dock with legends Coolster114 and Bid Now returning to lead alongside Pirates Legend Waterkid100. Waterkid100 later went on to be voted as a Club Penguin army legend for his contributions to both Light Troops and Pirates. Their “golden age” engaged in a war against the Army of Club Penguin and declared a short-lived Order 67. Since their shutdown and Waterkid’s leave for the Light Troops, the Pirates fell into another dormant status and haven’t seen a successful generation until years later.

Pirates legends who were present during the Golden Age and other prominent eras. Includes our very own Executive Producer Max.

Armies had high hopes for the future, but Disney’s shutdown of Club Penguin ended any future plans. While the majority of armies shut down and the community left, Club Penguin Private Servers grew in popularity. One particular server is the infamous Club Penguin Online. News outlets were publishing posts announcing that “Club Penguin is back”, and this only boosted its popularity after millions of users who were left stranded at home due to the coronavirus spreading globally played it. As the player base continued to increase, the administration began to warrant armies.

Club Penguin Rewritten was another popular private server, but their stance on armies led to it being an unpopular source for recruiting. One of the admins at CPO was none other than Epic101, a close friend of Waterkid, who chose to reopen the Pirates. A popular incentive to these armies was earning free coins, which is what led to their brief popularity. Not only were the Pirates offering free coins, but they had the endorsement of other staff who have enlisted in the army. Epic’s corsair army combated the likes of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Elite Guardians, and the other major armies operating on CP Online. The army was determined at maintaining the top spot until a storm brewed.

Pirates at the peak of Club Penguin Online, maxing greater than 100. Original Club Penguin armies never saw maxes this big.

The Internet was outraging over evidence incriminating Club Penguin Online and its staff. At first, a few staff mentioned that the environment there was toxic and involved the use of malpractices to maintain supremacy over other private servers. News sites like BBC began to associate the newly revived Club Penguin with serious allegations, and as a result, Club Penguin Online was stricken by a DMCA. Armies who’ve used Club Penguin Online primarily saw a drop in sizes, and a few even shut down. Dark Warriors, Doritos, Ice Warriors, and Pirates were a few that managed to keep their large sizes following the shutdown. Despite managing to keep running through Club Penguin Armies: The Game, armies went from reaching sizes of 90-100 to 50-60. CPPA was lucky and kept 70+, but soon their sizes continued to decline. All armies were struggling to adjust, but as a few found stable recruiting methods, their sizes weren’t affected.

CP Online’s shutdown may be an obstacle, but armies had something else in sight: the Legends Cup X. The Legends Cup is an annual tournament held in Club Penguin armies and has been taken seriously since it’s the establishment. Every army at the time who was invited made recruiting a priority and had hopes of advancing past round one, and these armies who’ve formerly maxed 90+ sought to go as far as the finals. A brief war between Doritos and Ice Warriors against Pirates was a minor setback, but once the brackets were released, the armies began warring. Pirates were first put against Yellow Warriors, who are a now-deceased army. The army failed to show up, giving the 75+ maxing Pirates their first win.

LCX Round 2: Yellow Warriors v. Pirates

Their large sizes, as well as former CPO administrator, Epic101 being able to ping the Club Penguin Online Discord, convinced the public that they’ll be pitted against RPF in the finals. Pirates were expected to face another Club Penguin Online army known as Crimson Guardians, led by Tsanami. Compared to the sheer sizes of Pirates, Crimson Guardians were predicted by the majority of both administrations to lose. The guardians put up a great fight but unfortunately lost the size advantage as Pirates peaked at 74 sailors compared to the 11 guardians. Nevertheless, it was a great battle to spectate, and who knew what sizes they were going to achieve in future rounds?

LCX Round 2: Crimson Guardians v. Pirates

Spoiler alert: they didn’t go farther than round 2. In fact, they were disqualified. The Pirates, who’ve shown to get sizes of 60+ without offering free coins were caught multilogging against an army significantly smaller than themselves. CP Army Media published a special report on the matter, which can be found here, where Vice President Max identified penguins who have shared the same IP addresses as other troops. The post stated their disqualification in the following statement:

To conclude, CP Army Media believes an excessive amount of multi-logging has occurred within the Pirates. Because of this, the Pirates have been disqualified from the Legends Cup X. Due to the controversy surrounding the outcome of the Water Vikings and Elites battle earlier today, the Water Vikings will instead advance to the quarter finals in their place. The Crimson Guardians have agreed to this, and the result of the round two battle has been amended as a victory for the Crimson Guardians. CP Army Media will be making a statement regarding the Pirates and this weeks Top Twenty listings soon.

Days after his removal from the CP Army League board and the news breaking out that his army is disqualified from the prestigious Legends Cup, Epic101 made a post on the Pirates’ site, where he formally declared their shutdown. In the post, Epic realizes beforehand that Pirates were able to thrive on Club Penguin Online, and it was harder for them. After the announcement, Pirates had a plan on moving to a newer private server and isolating from the league (similar to what Doritos did after the brief Black Ice Alliance v. Doritos war). Troops from the now plundered army went off to either Ice Warriors or Dark Warriors, and the Pirates and their leader weren’t seen since.

What do YOU think? Did Pirates dig their own grave by multilogging? Or was it unrelated to their death in this generation? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

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  1. There should be a mention of The Black Order, a lot of members/staff and leaders migrated there.


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