Rach Promoted To Golden Troops Leader

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Yesterday, the Golden Troops announced a new addition to their leadership with the promotion of their leader in training, Rach.

Recently, Aggiepie announced that Rach would be joining the Golden Troops leadership. They stated that Rach had been dedicated to the army since their reopening this year and played a major part in getting the army to where it is now.

Aggiepie’s announcement regarding Rach’s promotion

Rach began her army journey in October of 2019 by joining the Lime Green Army. Later on, in March of 2020, she was recruited into the Doritos. Eventually, she ranked up to her current position of third in command at the Doritos. Rach is credited with being one of the eight people involved in the reopening of the Golden Troops back in April. She played the role of the army’s advisor, so she could focus more on her staff responsibilities in the Doritos. The Golden Troops eventually ran into issues, with staff leaving/retiring, and Rach became more active in the army which led her to take up the Leader In Training position.  

The CP Army Hub were able to exclusively interview Rach to know more about her thoughts in regards to her promotion.

Now that you’re a leader, do you see good things coming for Golden Troops in the future?

I for sure see a lot of good things coming for the army, We’ve had a lot of drama happen in the past but I hope we can push past that and bring the army to the top. which along with Aggie I hope to bring good ideas to the army.

Were you expecting this change? And if you were, how did you prepare for it?

To be honest, I wasn’t hah, I was thinking I’d stay at lit not gonna lie haha, but GT was in need of another leader and Aggie gave me the rank, I’m 100% grateful for it though. I’m excited I get to lead with her.

We’ll be excited to see how it goes! What would you say is your favorite memory from your time at the Golden Troops?

Either reviving it with my friends or our Pride event we had in June which was a lot of fun

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the community?

Work hard and strive to do your best :))

It’s evident that Rach is hoping to help as much as she can in Golden Troops while being a part of Doritos’ High Command. It will be exciting to see how she will balance her work in both the Golden Troops and Doritos along with what she will bring to the army in the near future.

What do YOU think? Will this army be seeing some major improvements soon? And will Rach prove herself to be a truly golden leader? Let us know what YOU think in the comments.


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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