Black Ice Alliance And Allies Launch Mass Offensive

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters –  In a recent turn of events, three major armies and six small/medium armies simultaneously scheduled invasions against the Pizza Federation, Lime Green Army, and Water Troops.

On August 9th, the army community was shocked to see nine armies announce invasions against the Pizza Federation, Lime Green Army, and Water Troops out of the blue after the Beach Brawl tournament concluded. These nine armies are the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Special Weapons and Tactics, Templars, One Direction Army, Fighter Pilots, Hold Bugs Army, and Clown Rebellion. Together, they scheduled nine invasions of numerous LGA and PZF land over the span of two days:


Dark Warriors: Invasion of Great White (Lime Green Army) on Monday, August 10th at 4 PM EST.

Templars: Invasion of Ascent (Lime Green Army) on Monday, August 10th at 4 PM EST.

Ice Warriors: Invasion of Belly Slide (Lime Green Army) on Monday, August 10th at 4 PM EST.

Fighter Pilots: Invasion of Bobsled (Water Troops) on Monday, August 10th at 4 PM EST.

Special Weapons and Tactics: Invasion of Wool Socks (Lime Green Army) on Tuesday, August 11th at 3 PM EST.

One Direction Army: Invasion of Fog (Pizza Federation) on Tuesday, August 11th at 3 PM EST.

Rebel Penguin Federation: Invasion of Ice land (Pizza Federation) on Tuesday, August 11th at 3 PM EST.

Hold Bugs Army: Invasion of Southern Lights (Pizza Federation) on Tuesday, August 11th at 3 PM EST.

Clown Rebellion: Invasion of Abominable (Pizza Federation) on Tuesday, August 11th at 3:45 PM EST.

The army community recently witnessed tension between LGA and the community as their former enemies, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, have suddenly become their allies, a surprise to many. In addition to this, LGA did not acknowledge the previous help from RPF in their time of need, one of the main causes of RPF removing LGA as an ally. In a post titled Lemons are better, Cosmo and Crazzy, current leaders of RPF, went into specifics about LGA’s assistance towards RFCP, along with naming a slew of accusations against the limes. The Lime Green Army released its own response to RPF. They refuted a slew of RPF’s claims. LGA also continued to support their decisions regarding alliances.

The Rebels are part of the Black Ice Alliance, which also includes two other major armies: Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. Recent disbandment of RPF and LGA allyship, along with a mutual agreement of disliking RFCP, may be the cause of this ongoing feud. Most of the involved armies who are invading are allied with these three major armies. CP Army Hub approached RPF leader Crazzy to ask about her army’s reasoning behind the invasions scheduled against PZF. In response, Crazzy stated:

RPF decided to schedule an invasion on PZF this week due to the fact that they helped RFCP avoid a force treaty (yet again), and we had reasons to believe that the s/m army alliance they’re apart of were conspiring against armies like RPF, IW, etc. Regarding the second point, all the armies that scheduled the invasions did it as a preventive measure against the SMAU. That being said, Iceland is right near Tuxedo on the map, so yet another reason we were considering this option. PZF reached out to RPF for an alliance about 2 weeks ago, and after some consideration (and after my co-leader returned from his holiday leave) we accepted the proposition. But to our disbelief, PZF revoked their offer and decided to help out RFCP against us. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating from our perspective. RPF isn’t looking to have the bad guy label here, but we do look to retaliate actions against us, just as any other army would.

In addition, Madhav made a comment in a leader’s chat within CP Army Hub server making note that this was due to PZF’s involvement in the recent RFCP invasions.

Despite the statements from IW and RPF leaders, Water Troops leader Bryce gave CP Army Hub his stance on the invasions against his army. Please note that his statement was only edited for grammar purposes.

Personally, it seems to me as an act by the major armies to silence prominent members of the small medium army community. WT, LGA, and PZF have been very outspoken against the attempts to bully and harass us small guys. This just proves to me that we’re doing something right if they have to invade us all simultaneously. As for WT, we are gonna do what we do best: show up, talk trash, and hopefully defend our land so we don’t get force treatied again.

In addition to Bryce, CP Army Hub reached out for a response from both DMT of Lime Green Army and Snork of Pizza Federation:

Don’t you recognize the parallels between the real world and the army world right now? Let’s take it back to November 1st, 1955. For some of the leaders in today’s armies, they were just being born. For others, this day is recognized as the start of the Vietnam War. I’m sure the leaders of IW, RPF, and DW don’t need to live through this period of their lives again, but for those who don’t know: the Vietnam War was a battle between countries who agreed with the ideals of communism against countries that were vehemently against communism. The United States tried to force themselves into a civil war because they thought they could control a country’s ideology and policy. Sure, they were fighting for what was right, but ultimately, the United States forced themselves into a war that displayed their conceited attitude for the entire world to see, and it backfired on them. Compare that to the armies in the Club Penguin world. Army Capitalism has run amok, with the three of the biggest armies circlejerking each other to no end. Their inflated egos and boomer mentalities have caused them to believe that they are the moral authority on deciding who is ok to ally with and who isn’t. To these armies, they are the United States, and the S/M community are dirty little communists. Dirty little communists that need to be cleaned up and made into good and proper followers. Now, we know how this ended for the United States in 1973. The question is, will it be the same for the Dark Warriors, the Ice Warriors, and the Rebel Penguin Federation? Who knows. I am questioning my own sanity at this point as I struggle with the concepts presented in this godforsaken community. I hope, I may be whisked away by the rays of light and lifted from this eternal hell that is the Club Penguin Army community.
– DMT, Lime Green Army Leader

Hi, we were pretty surprised by the invasions. We had just wrapped up the Beach Brawl finals when my pings were spammed with 4 invasions, 3 of them being at the same time. The reason we’re being invaded seems to be related to us helping RFCP dodge a force treaty, by some server transfers. I find it funny how armies have been finding loopholes for months, and it’s always the league rules said to be at fault and not the armies doing it, however when a loophole is found to dodge force treaties, the response is suddenly to invade us at 3 servers at the same time. We’re concerned and disappointed that the other armies of BIA don’t condemn their ally IW for using colonies to cheat other armies out of gaining land during the map reset, as well as attempts by their colony CC to force WT into unfair treaties (They attempted to stop WT and their allies from invading IW, CC, and their allies). IW also coordinated with HBA to validate their invasion last night, by quickly uncolonising them upon learning that the invasion would be invalid otherwise. Are these things alright, while stopping a fellow S/M army from being force-treatied isn’t? I am disappointed that we aren’t being given the opportunity to even offer RPF, HBA, and ODA a fair fight, as they’ve decided to invade us all at the same time. RPF alone averaged 70.8 last week, and could beat us even if they split their troops 3 ways. HBA and ODA also averaged higher than us last week. This overkill makes me question how BIA see themselves as morally superior in this invasion. We aren’t going to let their attempts to crush our morale work. We stand with S/M armies who do not want to be tools used by Major armies. We’ve already had former PZF leader Hidcre receive a verbal attack from an IW leader, who invaded our army not long afterwards, and we feel no regret for what we did to receive another 4 invasions from BIA.
You won’t put us down, BIA.
– Snork, PZF Leader


The invasions scheduled are worth keeping an eye on after all this tension. In addition, the Black Ice Alliance and their influence will add an interesting twist to the invasions, especially due to their leaders’ passion. However, the S/M armies should not be counted out — do they have something up their sleeves? Their leaders are just as passionate as the major armies. What results will the invasions bring?

What do YOU think? Will these armies be able to defend their land? Or will they lose these most of their land at once? Let us know in the comment section below!


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