Marines Sent Ashore After Merging With Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – On August 9th, Marines General Revan announced that a merge would take place immediately between the Marines and their ally, Water Vikings.

Marines were founded on November 20th, 2006 by Sf1998. Historically, the Marines were the fifth army to be organized. Over the fourteen years since their creation, they remained active. Still, in 2020, the Marines were active and hitting exciting maxes. They even participated in CP Army Hub’s Beach Brawl tournament, making it to the second round against the Pizza Federation before being eliminated.

Marines last event maxing 8

In an unexpected announcement, Marines General Revan announced that there would be a merge put into action immediately into their ally, Water Vikings, found here:

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the CP Marines are shutting down and merging into our brother allies the Water Vikings, high command will get 4ic and everyone else will get the rank they have now but in the Water Vikings. So be sure to come join their discord and say hello to everyone!

CP Army Hub had the opportunity to interview Revan, former leader of the Marines, regarding his thoughts on the merge.

Why did your team and yourself decide to merge with Water Vikings?

I used to be in WV a long time ago and I have many friends in WV. I also shared some troops with WV so it only made sense to join my friends over there and unite our armies fully.

Do you and the other leaders have any future goals within the merge?

Our goals are to help getting WV back on track and continue their growth back into a major power.

Do you think the Marines will ever return?

Maybe one day, but not for a good while.

What memory will you miss the most about the Marines?

I’ll miss the small community we built of people with similar interests, but I’m sure we’ll get that back in WV just a lot bigger.

The CP Marines joining their brother allies, Water Vikings, is a move backed strongly by the leaders. Marines leaders clearly trust the Water Vikings and want to help the army become even more successful. Despite Revan admitting he will miss the small community, he believes merging is the best option for CP Marines. With Marines and Water Vikings joining together as one, it will create a powerful bond and will only make this army stronger.

What do YOU think about the merge between CP Marines and Water Vikings? Will the merge be successful or will the CP Marines make a return soon?


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Vice President

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