Vivala Retires From Doritos Leadership

UNKNOWN, Doritos of Club Penguin Empire – In a time rampant with leadership changes and retirements, another army bids goodbye to a leader. Most recently, the Doritos lost leader Vivala.

Earlier today, August 9th, Vivala announced that she would be stepping down from her position as a Doritos of Club Penguin leader in a post on the DCP website. Instead, she will remain in the Discord server and act as an advisor. The heartfelt article goes into detail about Vivala’s decision to retire and her gratefulness to her DCP family for always being there for her.

Vivala was first recruited off of Club Penguin Online to the Pirates and Light Troops. However, she was not truly active until she joined the Redemption Force in October of 2019. In the Redemption Force, she steadily worked her way up the ranks to Second In Command. Unfortunately, she later left due to issues with the army’s leader, Reacon. From there, Vivala joined the Doritos on December 1st — a date she still treasures.

Vivala truly thrived in the Doritos, starting by earning awards such as best Second In Command in 2019. Later on, she would also receive the esteemed Honorary Shield award — second only to Doritos Legend. Since being promoted to DCP leader on January 11th, 2020, Vivala proved to be an enthusiastic and hard-working figurehead, according to her troops and fellow co-leaders. Under her leadership, the Doritos won wars against the Pirates and Redemption Force, as well as a war against the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Golds Empire, and Special Weapons and Tactics alliance. DCP beat IW in the first round of the March Madness semi-finals, reaching sizes of 150+ — one of the Doritos’ highest maxes.

Doritos March Madness

DCP in the original 2020 March Madness Tournament

Doritos March Madness Lockouts

Dorito lockouts during March Madness

It is apparent that Vivala helped lead a successful generation of the Doritos. CP Army Hub sat down with her in an exclusive interview to discuss her retirement.

[This interview has been edited only for grammar.]

Interview Section

How did you come to the decision to retire?

Well it was definitely a hard decision but I knew I should. As much as I love DCP, I have in real life commitments that made things like coming to events and helping difficult. I felt like I was becoming more of an advisor than leader.

What are your plans for the future? Do you foresee a possible comeback?

Well I’m still gonna be on Discord, just a ping away. I’ll still be in DCP and talking with friends. I think I’ll enjoy retirement for a bit, but if I have a lot of free time for a few weeks in the future then sure, I’d come back to lead a few events.

How do you think the Doritos will fare having just lost an excellent leader?

They’ll be fine. Rah, Maroon, Jester, and our awesome leader in trainings are there to help.

What piece of advice might you offer to the current and incoming leaders?

Hmmm…I guess keep your head up, and try to keep a level head when dealing with problems.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to everyone, one last time?

Thank you to DCP, and the awesome people I’ve met in the army community, it’s been an honor. DCP Family Forever. Also Maroon is a furry.

Vivala had a successful career during her time with the Doritos. Now that Vivala has stepped down, how will DCP progress without her? Only time will tell how Vivala’s departure will affect the Doritos.

What do YOU think? How will the Doritos fare without their leader Vivala? What is to come for DCP in the future? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter



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