Lessons From Veterans: Bam

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – In this weekly series, we pay our Club Penguin army veterans a penny for their thoughts. We’re here to find and share their wisdom through interviews, so what can we learn from this edition?


Lessons from legends is a simple way to learn more and find wisdom you otherwise wouldn’t have found. We look up to our legends and army veterans for their outrageous amount of years here and their harrowing experiences they can pull through. In our sixth edition, we find out all about Bam’s experience and wisdom.


The legend we look at today began his army career in 2010. He’s known mostly for being a Dorito‘s legend, but also for leading Underground Mafia Army and Army of Club Penguin. Bam’s experience leading started in the Doritos soon after Wwebestfan recruited him. He has led just about every generation for them. After leaving Doritos for a while, Bam became leader of ACP for the summer of 2015 and once again for half of 2016. As for UMA, they accepted him into leadership two separate times. At one point, Bam was able to lead both Doritos and Underground Mafia Army to great heights at the same time. In all his leadership experiences, he has affected the armies immensely and learned plenty. Let’s learn some wisdom our legend brings from all this now.

What is the general theme you’ve tried to uphold in CPA?

Enjoy yourself, don’t try to stress yourself over this too much – this is a game and it shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Everything I did in armies was because i enjoyed doing it, I led ACP the way I did because i liked it. Same thing for UMA and DCP. Armies lately have been a big serious jumble or what to do or some crazy plans to dismantle their “Enemies”. That is putting way to much into a community built on a resurrected game from 10 years ago

What was the hardest thing you’ve overcome in your CPA career?

It was either my transition from DCP to another army or Losing all those old friends you made before. When I REALLY got removed from DCP in early 2015 I had to keep up and transition to ACP and their enviroment it was a total change of pace and enviroment. For the other one call me a boomer but there were a lot people I was close with online and its ten times harder to connect with them now compared to Discord being apart of armies. I obiviously made a lot of close friends and still have good contacts with them but I still dont have contacts with so many now. Also autotyping and recruiting changing back in 2013 was a huge jumble for me at first lol

What lessons have you learned from here that have transferred over to real life?

Well my communication skills are still pretty solid now and I actually just got done serving 4 years in the USMC. I had a lot better understanding of people and those key leadership skills that I’m not sure I would have had if I hadn’t logged on for internet snowball wars every other day. The typing and stuff also helped lol, I expanded a lot of my basic computer knowledge thanks to all the people I met who taught me stuff. Maybe armies stuck with me a bit more because I ended up actually serving lol. Also I’m about to find out if all those CPAC posts as EP are gonna help me write essays in college

What wisdom do you take to heart?

Do whatever you enjoy and don’t let anyone tell you its time wasting or worthless, My wisdom is just be true to yourself and success will follow

Legend Bam has ultimately learned plenty throughout his career. Just from his understanding of the CP army community, we can take out that it really is possible to bring skills like communication and leadership to real life. But if we take just one thing from this, it would be to never put too much stress on yourself and to follow your own intuition of what you want to do. Be sure to come back next week to hear more from your favorites and learn life-changing ideas!

What do YOU think of this edition? Will YOU take what Bam says to heart? Comment YOUR opinion down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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