S Cargo2 Retires from Elites Leadership

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – Earlier today, CP army veteran S Cargo2, attended his last event before retreating from the Elites leadership.

S Cargo2, also known as Cargo, has led around seven armies, is a legend in four armies, and an Ex-Head-of-Board for CP Army League. After leading the Ice Warriors, Light Troops, Shadow Troops, and Special Weapons and Tactics, he finally moved on to the Elites on July 21st of 2020.  In the brief span of his time in his latest army, he brought many changes to the leadership style and had a tremendous impact on many penguins.

He led for two months as an elite, and he may have never attained his name glow in cparmies, but there was much respect for him. Why is he retiring though? It is believed that cargo will be shipped somewhere far away and become a babysitter or the new Chief Executive Officer of CP Army Hub.

There was no official retirement announcement, but there was an event posting to wish Cargo a happy retirement and thank him for all his efforts towards the army. His last event turned out rather well. The Elites maxed 17 and bid a sombre farewell to Cargo.

Cargo’s last event as leader

Although Cargo is not currently accepting interviews, CP Army Hub team was fortunate to get an interview from his fellow Elites’ leader, Firestar08 :ufff:, to discuss the recent retirement.

How confident do you feel now with Cargo no longer in leadership?

Cargo was a great asset to the Elites leadership and he will be missed, but I’m positive we can move forward without his assistance.

Will we be seeing any changes in leadership to replace Cargo?

AustinFraud has to wait another 2 months.

I’m sure that’s frustrating. How will you move forward after this?

The Elites will be shutting down effective immediately after Cargo retires. Just kidding. Cargo leaving will not slow us down, the Elites will continue to strive for superiority.
Elites are moving on confidently with their “strive for superiority” and not slowing down from S Cargo2’s retirement. Although he will be missed, Cargo is moving on for a well-earned vacation.
What do YOU think? Will the Elites rise, or will they struggle with the loss of a main leader? Let us know in the comments below! 
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CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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