The Black Ice Alliance Offensive: Day One Recap

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Much has happened since the Black Ice Alliance and their allies declared a string of invasions against the Lime Green Army, Pizza Federation, and Water Troops. Today, we recap the results of this unexpected and dramatic war.

On August 9th, the Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation, One Direction Army, Templars, Special Weapons and Tactics, Clown Rebellion, Hold Bugs Army, and the Fighter Pilots scheduled a total of nine invasions against the Pizza Federation, Lime Green Army, and the Water Troops. However, on August 11th, HBA unexpectedly canceled their invasion of Southern Lights which is owned by PZF, and immediately afterward, LGA scheduled an invasion on PZF for the same server.

Of those nine scheduled invasions, five occurred on Monday, August 10th, precisely at 4 pm EST. SWAT, DW, Templars, and IW invaded LGA’s four servers-Wool Socks, Great White, Ascent, and Belly Slide. At the same time, the Fighter Pilots opted to invade Bobsled from the Water Troops. This was the only non-LGA invasion of the day. In this eventful time filled with exciting battles, who emerged as the victor?

Invasion of Wool Socks

At 4 pm EST, the Special Weapons and Tactics logged on to invade Wool Socks from the Lime Green Army. They peaked a total of 23 agents against LGA, who started small but slowly grew to a total of 10 penguins online. Although both sides fought hard, ultimately, SWAT came out victorious with their size advantage. Wool Socks now belongs to SWAT.


SWAT successfully invading Wool Socks from the limes.

Invasion of Great White

The Dark Warriors brought 30 troops online to invade Great White which is the lime’s capital. LGA did not show up for this invasion, so after 10 minutes, the warriors took the automatic victory and successfully claimed Great White. 


Drak Warriors successfully invading Great White from the limes.

Invasion of Belly Slide

The Ice Warriors maxed an impressive amount of 60 penguins online for their invasion of Belly Slide from the Lime Green Army. Unfortunately, the limes did not show up for this invasion either, so after 10 minutes, the judges deemed it an automatic win for IW. Belly Slide now belongs to the Ice Warriors.


Ice Warriors successfully invading Belly Slide from the limes

Invasion of Ascent [CPR]

In one of the most exciting battles of the day, the Templars and Lime Green Army faced each other in an adrenaline-pumping match for Ascent. The Limes peaked 35, whilst the Templars had 25 penguins online. Ultimately, LGA successfully defended their server with a 3-0 victory. Their size, clean formations, fast tactics, and quality bombs eventually allowed them to win this battle and keep their server.

LGA vs Templars

The Limes successfully defended Ascent from the Templars

Invasion of Bobsled

The Fighter Pilots logged on with 19 troops ready to invade Bobsled from the Water Troops. WT maxed a total of 10 penguins online, which unfortunately wasn’t enough to defend their server. Due to FP’s size advantage, faster tactics, and organized forms, the judges deemed it a 3-0 victory in favor of the Pilots. Bobsled no longer belongs to the Water Troops. 


The Pilots successfully invaded Bobsled from the Water Troops

The first day of this war concluded with many losses for the Greens and the Water Troops. Despite putting up a good fight, LGA only successfully defended one piece of land while losing all three others. On the other hand, the Water Troops lost their only server: Bobsled. So far, the war seems awfully in favor of the BIA and its allies. With four more invasions scheduled for Pizza Federation tomorrow, perhaps we can only wonder which direction this will end in. 

What do YOU think? Will the chefs miraculously be able to fend off RPF, the Clown Rebellion, Lime Green Army, and the One Direction Army in their defenses tomorrow? Or are they doomed to lose all their land and be forced treatied? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter




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