Third Time the Charm? Army of CP Announces Third Clover Crusade on Templars

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – A war proceeded by a rich history has flared up once again in the community. On Monday, Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Templars, citing toxicity, homophobia, and racism amongst their reasons for their Third Clover Crusade.

On August 10th, Army of Club Penguin‘s Second In Command, Max, made the announcement that the army was going to war against the Templars. The declaration on their website goes into detail. It also provides photographic evidence of why the green army decided to come after the Templars.

Max’s announcement declaring war on Templars.

This is the third time that the Army of Club Penguin has gone to war against the Templars. The first war was issued on December 14, 2019, the reason being due to disrespect shown towards the leadership of Army of CP. The second war was fought at the end of December, after the Templars violated a treaty from the First Clover Crusade. Both wars ended up in victories for the Army of Cub Penguin. Will the Third Clover Crusade also end with the green army coming out on top?

ACP’s most recent event had a max of 41 troops while the Templars maxed 25 for their unsuccessful invasion of Ascent. ACP had originally planned on invading all of the servers that belonged to the Templars. This plan was foiled as the Templars quickly transferred the rest of the empire to their allies, the Ice Warriors, when ACP scheduled their first invasion.

It would be impossible to solve the mystery of what is occurring behind the scenes without an insider’s viewpoint. Hence, CP Army Hub reached out to Templars leader Freedomist to get a statement on the recent series of events .

Personally, I don’t see their justification as fair.
1) The deface of the CPPS was for the good. Not only were they troops stealing, it was also an unsafe environment which is proven by the fact that I, another Templar and the owner of the CPPS had been IP grabbed the next day. However, if other people deface a server for the safety of the people in there it’s perfectly fine but when we do it it’s not. 2) The ‘bullying’ of smaller armies is out of date. They forget that I continued the treaty from CPAM with Crimson Guardians out of goodwill, I didn’t have to and I could have declared on CG however I didn’t because I am quite fond of them and don’t want a war with another S/M army. Not to mention they’re declaring war on a S/M army themselves. We invaded S/M armies as an S/M army. 3) The ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’ is BS for a lack of better words. Not only are those old screenshots for the most part. Most of them were jokes and those that weren’t we did not promote. I have stated time and time again to limit some of the racist and homophobic jokes which we have. Also, most of their screenshots are old which proves my case. Not to mention Cobra and Venom aren’t members of the army. They’re merely visitors. 4) Anti ACP? They’re mainly jokes. We had no hostilities towards ACP. ACP are ones who joke around to as I could tell from their Templars defeated emote. They don’t let us joke about them but they can joke about us.

Freedomist’s statement makes his stance on the whole war clear. He believes that the accusations are false and that the Army of CP is wrong to attack the Templars for those reasons. To get a peek into the Army of CP’s views on this, the CP Army Hub team decided to interview their leader CSY.

Templars quickly transferred their land after the Army of CP scheduled the first invasion – what is the Army of CP’s response to that?

We’re slightly surprised that the Ice Warriors accepted, condoning the racist and homophobic behavior of the Templars through being willing to defend Templars land. However, we understand standing up for allies, so I assume that’s what happened.

Does the Army of CP plan on taking any other actions against Templars, be it now or in the future?

So far, I haven’t heard back from the Templars. As noted in our post, this is the 3rd time we’ve gone to war with them with the first two being for very similar reasons – it would ultimately depend on their response, and if they actually take steps to rectify the situation.

Do you have any other thoughts or comments on this whole situation?

We do genuinely hope that the Templars take time to reconsider their public behavior, instead of parading excuses of it being a “joke”. There’s a long history of marginalization and discrimination of people be it their race or sexuality – using derogatory terms isn’t funny.

The Third Clover Crusade doesn’t look like it will last for a long time. The message that the Clover Defenders are intending to send to the Templars is much more long lasting. It will be interesting to see how the battle for Vanilla will play out on Tuesday.

What do YOU think? Will Templars try to make amends with ACP? Or will there more Clover Crusades in the future? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


3 Responses

  1. can confirm we’re very homophobic. broke up with my last gf because it turned out she liked girls! disgusting smh


  2. using derogatory terms is funny when the subject of the derogatory term joins in on your joke kek


  3. Good Luck to both the armies!


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