Hold Bugs Army Drops Out Of The Community Following Sarahah’s Ice Warriors Removal

UNKNOWN, Hold Bugs Army Empire – Less than two months after creating the Hold Bugs Army, leader Sarahah has decided to shut the army down. This abrupt decision, announced on August 11th, has left the entire army community in shock. What was the reason behind this announcement?

Hold Bugs Army was founded on June 29th, 2020 by Sarahah after a joke circled around the community. The joke started when Sarahah gave voice to her distressful encounters with bugs. A member of the community told her to “hold bugs”, which hatched the idea for this army. Since then, a lot of well-known members of the community have been a part of this army. On the July 25th, Sarahah colonized the army under the Ice Warriors. This move brought a lot of active members to the army.

Before the shutdown, the bug troops unknowingly held their final event on August 10th. Overall, the average Hold Bugs Army max was roughly between 10-15. Maxing this size is a large number for a small/medium army. One can tell that this army was rising quickly to the top, considering their impressive sizes.

Hold Bugs maxed 15 at an EU Practice Event

In a cruel twist of fate, things did not occur as planned. An executive decision from the Ice Warriors leadership resulted in the removal of Sarahah from her trusted staff position in the army. Sarahah decided to make an announcement about the Hold Bugs Army shutting its doors after being fired from her position. She discussed the reasons for her decision in the same message. After a few hours, she also announced that the army will be merging with the Elite Forces of CP. Below is a screenshot of the announcement made by Sarahah:

Sarahah’s shutdown announcement

Apparently Sarahah’s removal from the Ice Warriors was the sole reason that caused the shutdown. To find out the reason for her removal, CP Army Hub reached out to Ice Warriors leader Shinde for a statement:

Due to the difference of interests and future army development plans between the Ice Warriors and the Hold Bugs Army, the leaders of the Ice Warriors decided to cut off contacts with the Hold Bugs Army.

-Shinde, Ice Warriors Leader.

As Sarahah continued to fight against her harrowing experiences with bugs, the CP Army Hub team decided to sit down with her for an interview

Why did the Hold Bugs Army decide to shut down?

Well, there was some conflict that arose where some staff members in the Ice Warriors had said some rather… questionable things. With this in mind, I had brought the situation to light to others, and in this case, IW leaders had decided to fire me from my position in IW. Due to HBA being an IW colony for most of its time, 90% of the staff and troops were made up of IW members. With me becoming fired, IW ordered all staff to depart from the HBA server. As this leaves me with no leaders or staff, it was deeming to be unsuccessful in moving forward. I did not want to run an army that all it would see is a failure in the future. I don’t have much support, and without that, it is hard to continue running this army.

What was your favorite memory with HBA?

I would definitely say my favorite moment was winning our first practice battle against the Red Ravagers. It was the first big event we had as an army, and it made me happy to see all of us come together to beat RR, and of course to let them know that Honda says RR is covering.

Aww, that’s wonderful that HBA created close bonds between you and the other leaders. Following on to my last question, what will you miss the most about HBA?

I will definitely miss, in general, leading an army. Yeah, I’ve gotten some offers to join other armies at a rather high rank, but in the end, it wouldn’t be my army. I had pride in the army created, regardless if “we were only an IW colony”. I still put a lot of time and hard work in making the server, managing army affairs, scheduling events, etc. Being able to have my own army that I had created and worked on, and be somewhat successful was an amazing feeling, that I won’t get again until I either revive HBA or create another army. While joining another army for a 2ic or 3ic position is quite an honor and privilege, it won’t meet up to owning my own army. So, in general, I will just miss HBA being well, HBA.

Although this army was only active for a few months, it was successful throughout the time it was alive. Hold Bugs Army will forever hold a place in the hearts of their troops and the community, as we all say goodbye to it. Sarahah created a great community that has had a lasting impact on everyone involved in it. Hopefully, the merge between the Elite Forces of CP and Hold Bugs Army will have great success in the future.

What do YOU think about the Hold Bugs Army shutting down? Did the bugs make the right move? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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