The Black Ice Alliance Offensive: Day Two Recap

ALASKA, CP Army Hub HQ – Day Two of the Black Ice Alliance’s war against the Lime Green Army, Pizza Federation, and Water Troops has ended. With twists and turns available at every corner, who emerged victoriously from yesterday’s battles?

The Black Ice Alliance originally scheduled four invasions for Tuesday, August 12th. At first, the Rebel Penguin Federation, Clown Rebellion, One Direction Army, and Hold Bugs Army planned to invade the Pizza Federation’s four servers: Iceland, Abominable, Fog, and Southern Lights. However, on August 11th, HBA cancelled their invasion of Southern Lights, and the Lime Green Army immediately scheduled their own invasion on the server Southern Lights. Nevertheless, LGA’s invasion was cancelled as well. The Pizza Federation was able to safely transfer Southern Lights to the Army of Club Penguin instead.

Of the three remaining invasions, CP Army Hub ruled the Clown Rebellion’s invasion of Abominable as invalid due not adhering to the league’s rules. The Hub requires leaders requesting judges to give at least 45 minutes’ notice prior to the battle, but CR leader Lemonade1Sonic missed this timeline by only a couple minutes. Again, PZF wasted no time in transferring this server to ACP. This left only two valid and scheduled invasions on the Federation by RPF and ODA. 

Invasion of Fog

At 3 pm EST, the One Direction Army logged onto Fog and maxed 16. Unfortunately, the Federation did not show up to this defence, and therefore after 10 minutes, ODA received the automatic win. Fog now belongs to ODA.

ODA in their invasion of Fog from the PZF

Invasion of Iceland

Also at 3 pm EST, the Rebel Penguin Federation began their invasion of Iceland from PZF and maxed 74. Yet again, the Federation was nowhere to be seen for the battle. Therefore, RPF took home an automatic victory after the first room. The Rebels now claim Iceland.

The Rebels invading Iceland from the Pizza Federation

Many surprising changes happened on Day Two of the Black Ice Alliance offensive. First, the Hold Bugs Army drop out of the war. Secondly, the Clown Rebellion failed to continue their invasion against the Pizza Federation. Although PZF did not show for any of the two remaining invasions, they were able to transfer out Southern Lights and Abominable to ACP, thus avoiding another attack for now. LGA also transferred its successfully defended server Ascent to ACP.

The question remains, will the BIA launch another offensive against them soon? Or are LGA, PZF, and WT safe for the time being?

What do YOU think? Is this the end of the Black Ice Alliance’s offensive? Or is this just the calm before the storm? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter



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