What Would You Do: Staff Chats Being Leaked

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, the leaders were asked what they would do if their staff members leaked the contents of a staff chat.

In any army, there always should be a sense of trust between the staff members and the leaders, as staff members are considered to be the backbone of an army. Without trust, things such as unloyalty, discomfort, or tension can result between the leaders and staff members. One of the many things that can cause this lack of trust is the leaking of staff chats. It is not unknown to the community for leaks to happen anywhere, whether in a staff chat or private server. Some leaks that show immoral behavior can cause a lot of tension within the staff team, as well as the community.

The leaders were asked the following:

What would you do if one of your staff members leaked the contents of a staff chat?

Maxine, Red Ravagers’ Leader

We’ve had an advisor leak HCOM chat before, and we called them out, kicked them, and fired them. If it were to be a staff member we would definitely call them out and suspend them from their mod duties. If it was a serious enough leak, I would for sure consider firing them and/or kicking/banning.

Spotty, Dark Warriors’ Leader

DW takes leaking very strictly and will not be tolerated if it happens which is why we emphasize that staff knows not to leak chats. If we found out a staff member had leaked the staff chat, first of all we would look into what they leaked. If it was like a picture of us just messing around we would talk to that person in dms and remind them about the staff rules and give them a warning. If they did it again we would demote them. If someone leaked a picture with important information on it we would immediately demote them from staff and depends on what the information is possibly ban them.

Coolguy, Special Weapons and Tactics’ Leader

I mean, I think leaking staff chats would be immoral. Staff chats are private for a reason, just like private messages, also known as DM’s, people leak them even though they are meant to be private. Things in an army’s staff chat are in there for a reason and have nothing to do with other people, leaking it just isn’t right. I would personally be annoyed if they leaked important contents of the staff chats. Honestly it would depend on the content of the leaked information when it comes to taking action but it could lead to a suspension/demotion, again, depending on the severity but I know that in many cases they’d get a hard warning – by that I mean like 1 strike and your out. Also, there would definitely be a lack of trust between the staff and that person.

CSY, Army of CP’s Leader

It would depend on the contents of the leak – if it’s just casual chitchat, or a joke or something, that would be fine. However, if it leaks sensitive content, such as war plans, or if things are blatantly taken out of context in an attempt to paint ACP in a bad light (both of which has happened before), we’d first try to understand the circumstances surrounding the situation – were their intentions malicious? If they were, then further action would be taken, such as the removal of the said staff member.

Dman, Elite Forces’ Leader

I don’t take chat leaks very lightly, but rather than theorise everything & shout at everyone, I’d rather launch an investigation and talk calmly with the suspect. If I came across the image of the chat being leaked then I would analyse it to see if I can pick out key Information, i.e what timezone the leaker is in & what device they’re using. At the same time I’d make sure that every staff member should send a screenshot of the same chat to me or someone else in the same role privately so that we can deduce suspects should the images be similar. I would then question those suspects and ask them why – whilst also withdrawing their perms temporarily until we conclude whether the person is guilty or innocent.

Greeny, Lime Green Army’s Leader

That actually happened last generation. It was discovered that a 2ic was leaking our staff chat to the enemy. It is a tricky one, as without any solid evidence you’re basically going off assumptions. If I had confirmed he was the one leaking while he was still enlisted, I would’ve stripped him of his rank.

Xing, Templars’ Leader

i couldnt care less


Overall, leaks from a staff chat are not taken lightly, but as most leaders stated that their plan would depend on the situation. A common theme that can be seen is to discuss with the ‘leaker’ about the situation and see what their intentions were and if they were malicious, in order to make a plan moving further.


This begs the final question…

If your staff chat was leaked, what would YOU do?


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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  1. LOL, Xing is legendary!


  2. saved the best for last….


  3. the things i saw in templars staff chat my god


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