Elites Leadership Shakeup: Zamb, Koloway & AustinFraud Inducted

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – After the retirement of two leaders, the Elites have announced the induction of three new leaders; Zamb, Koloway, and Austinfraud.

On July 13th, shortly after the retirement of S Cargo 2 and Mythic, It was announced that there would be three new people taking the leadership position at the Elites. In the announcements channel of the Elites discord server, Zamb posted a link to the Elites website, where he officially announced the new leadership of the Elites. You can find this article here.

Zamb’s closing remarks in the inauguration post

Both Zamb and Koloway have been armies for a long time. Koloway joined the CP Army community in 2009, finding the community through the Army of Club Penguin. Kolo then served in ACP until 2015, when he briefly left the community. In 2017, Kolo joined the Rebel Penguin Federation, remaining there until mid-2019. After his stint in the RPF, Kolo rejoined the Army of Club Penguin upon their comeback late last year, eventually making his way up the ranks to become Commander-in-Chief. Under Koloway’s lead, ACP made several notable accomplishments, including achieving the #1 spot on the Top Ten, winning multiple wars, and taking the trophy in the 2019/20 Holiday Championship Tournament. Koloway recently retired from the community after another stint in ACP and CP Army Hub but has come back yet again. Will he achieve as much success at this other green army?

ACP under Koloway’s leadership

Zamb joined the army community in 2013, through the Rebel Penguin Federation. He then jumped around a bit, joining leadership positions in multiple armies, such as SWAT, the Water Ninjas, and Chaos. Zamb then had more of a role in graphic designing at CPAM. Again, Zamb rejoined the community in May of 2020, when he was invited to be a Second-in-Command in the Dark Bandits, but was quickly promoted to leader when relations became hostile with RPF. After the Dark Bandits shutdown, Zamb moved to the Doritos of Club Penguin. Recently, Zamb has not affiliated with an army, but as of today, Zamb is a full-fledged commander of the Elites.

Austinfraud joined the community in late 2014 through the Rebel Penguin Federation. After a few months, Austin moved to the Nachos, to use their pin tracker before moving to the Pirates after their death. About six months later, Austin joined the Aliens of CPO and worked his way up to 3rd-in-command. In September of 2019, Austin created his own army; the Soccer Players/Athletes of CP, which was an instant success. In May of 2020, Austin made the decision to merge his army with the Elites and has been working his way up the ranks at Elites ever since. It will be exciting to see what he brings to the table.

All three of these new leaders show incredible promise for the future of the Elites. CP Army Hub staff was able to get ahold of all three leaders for an exclusive interview.

What led you to become a leader of Elites so suddenly? Were you forced or do you plan to stay?

ZAMB: Well, I wasn’t forced to any means, I joined on my own will. I really hate armies, but I wanted to give it another shots. Elites were a place I was chilling with, and I’ve heard about the retirement of both Cargo and Mythic. I talked to the leaders, and here I am as leader!

KOLOWAY: Forced…?? Surely not… lucifer. Kidding aside, I joined the Elites after hearing of an opening with my buddy Zambi. We plan to stay and help break the Elites into a new golden age!

AUSTIN: I was planning to celebrate my 2 month Leader-In-Training anniversary. But out of no where, the elites Leaders said I couldn’t enjoy my 2 month Leader-In-Training anniversary and promoted me to leader. I was hoping to be promoted after 2 months, afterall I was aiming to be the longest Leader-In-Training ever lived in CPA. I am leaving the army when the next Leader-In-Training stays longer than me in the position

Do you have any specific plans that you want to implement into the army?

ZAMB: The army is in a great spot and their tactics are on point, so there isn’t much to improve (shoutout to the previous leaders). I’d want to focus on recruiting, increase maxes, and training staff members to prepare themselves to take a leadership position. It’s not like I want to be here, so finding those who are enthusiastic to head the army and strengthening their army skills would be great for the long term.

KOLOWAY: As of now, I’d love to watch the army do some pretty sick and innovative tactics. If you’re wondering if a plane, fast car, or mysterious UFO just passed you… maybe check and see if it was really the Elites.

AUSTIN: I have a lot of plans for the army, but the army community has to wait and see. E7.

As you can see, it seems that S Cargo 2 and Mythic have left the Elites in good hands. It will be a blast to see where these three will take the Elites in the future.

What do YOU think? Will the Elites see a difference? Will Zamb, Austin, and Koloway prove to be a good fit for the Elites? Let us know in the comments! 


CP Army Hub Reporter


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