Fighter Pilots Leader Semi Steps Down, Jenn Returns to Leadership

ALPINE, Fighter Pilots Capitol This week, Semi ended his flight with the Fighter Pilots and Jenn returned to the captain’s seat. Fighter Pilots is an upcoming Small/Medium Army consistently in the S/M Top 5. As the most recognizable face of FP in CPA, Semi’s departure may leave most wondering what’s in store for the future and what Jenn and Ana’s plans for this up and coming army are. Read on to find out more! 

After originally joining the Ice Warriors, Semi joined the Pirates, and later, the Golds. After ranking up to Second In Command in Golds before its shutdown, Semi decided to create the Fighter Pilots with Jenn and Ana. Semi then led the Fighter Pilots from May 25, 2020 until August 11, 2020. During this time, the Fighter Pilots successfully became an army, only lost one practice battle, successfully invaded and defended plenty of servers, and defeated the Army of the Orient Seas. Semi was loved and respected by many Fighter Pilot troops known for creating a positive and helpful environment for troops to flourish in.

Fighter Pilots, AUSIA Invasion of Aurora, max 17.

While Jenn ascends to Airport CEO, the leadership position in Fighter Pilots, Semi will remain on staff as a First Sergeant, FP’s equivalent of Third In Command. He aims to provide assistance, advice, and support to the army that he loves. Semi’s flight may not be over, though. His retirement seems rooted in a lack of activity, and he voiced loud and clear that he hopes to improve and work his way back up. This willingness to accept his flaws and look towards improvement could very well mean we see Semi back in Airport CEO dark blue again soon. Only time will tell!


After initially stepping down from FP due to her own irl commitments and concerns about the impact remaining in leadership would have on the army, Jenn now returns with the hopes for the future. Her presence never completely disappeared and now she switches places with Semi, whose presence will remain as well.

We caught up with Semi to further understand his retirement from leadership and spoke more with Jenn to hear her thoughts on Semi’s retirement and her return. 

Note: The following interview has solely been edited for grammar. 


Why did you step down from High Command in Fighter Pilots?

Well, honestly, ever since about a month ago, my leadership quality in Fighter Pilots has declined. I started becoming less and less active, until I talked with Ana and became more active. But things still didn’t feel quite right in leadership, and in all honesty, it wasn’t completely my choice. I was trying to help out but I really wasn’t doing a good job, bringing down Fighter Pilots. I talked with Ana and it was pretty clear what I had to do, and the next day I retired. I hope someday to return to leadership, to work my way up from 3ic to be a leader again, with a fresh start.

I’m sorry to hear that. Are there any inspiring words you would like to tell the troops?

Always be yourself. I know that’s stereotypical and whatnot, but honestly, I stuck by that. I would rather be myself than leader, and if to be a leader that means I need to change, I’m ok with that, as long as it’s for the better. But that doesn’t happen overnight, and I hope that me being staff will help me grow.

How do you feel about Jenn returning to leadership?

Honestly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. It was a little sore for her to arrive at leadership 6 hours after I retired, but I’m happy for her because she can really be a great leader. She’s been helping out a lot recently and I’ll be proud of how she’ll help. Of course she’s my fellow creator, so we’ll always have a legend on board.


Has Semi made any contributions or accolades you would like to note?

Ana usually has led most of our victories so I don’t have much to say as far as battle victories; however, one of the most memorable events was our verification event. I mentioned this in my interview when I stepped down. It will always be such a special FP moment for me, watching everything Semi and I worked for coming to life. FP would be nothing without Semi and I’m so grateful for his contributions to this army!

I never left FP. I stepped down from leadership due to work and staff due to butting heads with Semi. Stepping down for a bit really helped with our relationship, as well as not bringing drama into the army. With Semi stepping down, Ana was looking for another person to help her lead. I had been helping from behind the scenes so I was willing to step up again to help her.

What do you hope to accomplish with FP going forward?

Ana and I have always worked really well together so I’m so excited to be working with her again. There are lots of things I’d still like to implement or add to help staff become more involved, as well as become more organized for our staff/members. Ana and I look forward to pushing Pilots even further. :slight_smile:

It’s clear that Semi has done a lot for the Fighter Pilots and will continue to help as much as possible. He will be missed by the troops but he remains to encourage and grow himself. We may see his return in the future. The future is looking hopeful for the Fighter Pilots with Jenn again in a leadership position alongside Ana’s stability. 

What do YOU think? Will the Fighter Pilots continue to fly over the S/M competition? Will they grow even larger wings? Or will they run into turbulence? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. aweeee love ya semi, hope to see you back in a leadership position soon. and, glad to have you back in leadership jenn!!

    p.s. stan semi<3


  2. btw, great first post fam


  3. […] day Semi decided that this chapter in his life came to a close. He decided it was time for him to step down as leader of the Pilots and head back to his original army where he first began his journey. Once the Water Ninjas opened […]


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