Meerrkat Rejoins the Community: Inducted as Romans Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans’ Empire – Following Meerrkat’s retirement from Doritos leadership last month, we saw him leave the community as a whole for personal reasons. Although today, it appears that Meerrkat has rejoined the community and has found a new army to call his own.

Meerrkat joined the army community approximately ten years ago, immediately joining Doritos. He has been credited many things, but amongst these, he was credited as being one of the key people in bringing back Doritos after they were shut down a few years prior. As the years went on, Meerrkat emerged more into the community, climbing the ranks of the Doritos Leadership until he advanced to the ultimate rank of Main Leader of the Doritos in 2019. During his time in Doritos, himself, along with the other leaders, were able to help DCP through several leadership changes, wars, and Top Ten appearances. Recently, he was also named a Doritos Legend, an honor that is cherished highly among Doritos troops.

Following his tenure as leader of Doritos, he took a one month break, retiring from Doritos, and temporarily leaving the community. As of today, he has returned to the community and was introduced as the newest leader in the Romans’ Army alongside Dino and Games. On August 13th, 2020, an announcement in the Romans’ Discord server was made declaring the induction of Meerrkat into leadership:

Dino’s Announcement Introducing Meerrkat as their New Leader.

The CP Army Hub team was able to catch up with Meerrkat, the recently inducted leader of the Romans’, to get his thoughts on his new position!

Hello Meerrkat, thank you for agreeing to do this interview with us! My first question is what made you want to come back to the community?

Well, I needed to fix things in my life that I have struggled with these past few months. I needed help so I had to reach out. I’ve missed my friends and I’ve missed building friendships in the Army Community.

Well, we are glad to have you back! What factors went into your decision to join Romans’ as a Leader?

Ever since talking to them in January to get them to move to CPO (cringe) I’ve shown interest in Romans. I admire the community that they’ve built and the environment that they surround themselves with. I’ve always wanted to put myself to the challenge of building up a S/M army so it’s something that I will enjoy doing while being here.

Do you have any specific plans or things you want to accomplish?

I want this generation to be successful and remembered. I want to reach sizes that Romans have never seen. I’m hoping to lead Romans to maxing around 20-30.


Overall, it seems as if Meerrkat has some pretty big plans to achieve leading Romans’. It will be a lot of fun for all of us to see where this new leader will take them in the future. We here at the CP Army Hub wish Meerrkat the best of luck on the new chapter of his army career!


What do YOU think? How will Meerrkat benefit the Romans? And will he be able to accomplish the things he wants to accomplish? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


2 Responses

  1. Welcome Back Meer!


  2. glad to have you back meer! we missed you


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